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  • Greetings gang,

    I would like to cheekily hijack this section to blatantly plug myself. The Great One has decided to plunge into the world of self-employment (hence the new avatar and everything), so if you fancy surfing over to my brand spankin' new website;


    ...you'll find out all about it. I've done my best to make it amusing and interesting and if you know anybody who might benefit from my considerable skills, please point them my way! ;)


  • Hi James
    As soon as I saw your new 'eye-catching' avatar (not the first time you've heard that, I bet!:lol:) on another of your posts, I guessed something was afoot & had a quick look at your new website. I must congratulate you on the layout & am sure that those with the know/need will give you more valid feedback.
    Meantime, I wish you success with your 'new world'.

  • good luck james as jim dandy of black oak arkansas told me when i met him "working for someone else sucks!!!! i worked for someone for two hours when i was seventeen and quit and havent worked for someone else since!!!!!" i hope this works for you

  • James, the site looks great, but then what else would we expect from someone with the credentials you have?! :bow:

    Seriously though, when I saw the topic of this post, I thought you were promoting the Huey Lewis tribute album you sent me! I have to say- now whenever I hear "Doing it All For my Baby" I'll know that it's 'our song'! (Or was it 'Stuck With You'!?Lol!)

    Honestly, I think you need to share your considerable vocal qualities with the rest of the board. You shouldn't single me out for the priviledge!

  • Thanks everybody, much appreciated.

    Of course Sue, the emotive vocal behind 'Doing It All For My Baby' was because next to my lyric sheet I had my favourite picture of you taped there, and I crooned it for you as best I could. ;)

    If you think people would be interested, let me know which track(s) you think are worthy of uploading - it'll be interesting to see if it tallies with the other feedback I've received. Then I'll bang them in the Keeping Time section for people to laugh at/worship/send postal orders for the full album*

    * delete as applicable


  • Ooh Keith! Don't you look lovely in a smart suit?! Interesting stuff though, I think I could do with some of that. I'd love to get into PR- running a business from home. At the moment Phil and I deal with so many companies, some of whom are really on the ball, and others who are run by complete flakes! I wonder how they get- and more so KEEP business. We've been saying for ages that we think we could do better on our own, so you never know, I may be giving you a call soon!

    Grace- I'd wait till the album comes out and the media hype is at it's peak before you sell the Great One's autograph! I for one am keeping the little notes he's sent me (framed, and in a specially designed room, of course!), as I think they're priceless! ;)

  • Ah thank you Sue. I was basing my image there on Glenn's Armani image circa Soulful Christmas you see;) The trouble is I haven't got enough hair to follow suit (so to speak) with Glenn now. So I might stick to the Mike de Meio of the Lizards/Joe Satriani image just for the time being. AND if an introduction of yours brings me a HUGE contract, I will invest in Ritchie Blackmore hairolology. Glenn reckoned that I looked a bit like Pete Townsend on the last pic taken with him. So you can see Sue that this need has now become URGENT! Anyway thanks for the post and you and Phil know where I am now :)

  • Hope you enjoy them Mark - you have made a fine choice!

    Thanks Keith, likewise, I'll plug you whenever I get chance. ;)

    Oi Grace, yes it is too early to be selling my autograph! Besides which, soundclips or no soundclips, you'll get a chance to hear the full CD very shortly because you're one of my best critics. i took this one that seriously I didn't even mention David Hasselhoff in the sleevenotes.

    Shame on me.


  • Quote from James Gaden

    I took this one that seriously I didn't even mention David Hasselhoff in the sleevenotes.

    I should hope not.
    Did he thank YOU, in his latest CD, for being HIS inspiration?

    So how many photographs of me should I send to you,
    for the big dedication section of your liner notes?:lol:

    Take care,

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