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  • I know this is all wishful thinking on my part, but I just wanted to put this out there for some conversation. We had a great thread going about J.J. and his Hendrix influence. No one disputes what a great guitarist J.J. is, however I would love to see Glenn colloborate with some other guitarists on an album. Here are some things I would love to hear.

    #1 And this one is coming true..... to hear Glenn collaborate with Tony Iommi. The Dep Sessions official release was a miracle. The new disc will, I am sure be simply amazing...I am a huge Iommi/Sabbath fan and Glenn will be nothing short of stunning on this new release.

    #2 What about a collaboration disc with John Sykes. I think Heaven's Missing An Angel is the BEST track on HTP. Sykes is the classic 80's Whitesnake sound, and if DC won't work with him, Glenn should. Glenn could really make a classy british rock album with Sykes, he is so talented, and has such a distinct sound and style to his playing.

    #3 What about Stevie Salas. This would be great exposure for Stevie to team up with Glenn for a full album and maybe a tour. Stevie is rock, funk, pop and Hendrix all rolled together. If he is good enough for Jagger...well....Who can disagree that You Kill Me is not an amazing all out rock track. Stevie's appearance on The Way It Is is simply a teaser of what could come.....

    #4 What about a full album with Mel Galley ? I know Dave Holland is out for any kind of Trapeze reunion thing, (Not sure Glenn would want that anyway)...But Mel has some serious funky chops...Hot Wire anyone ? Play Me Out was too experimental, but Mel fits so well with Glenn. They could make a serious classic funk rock record. Mel's sticatto, edgy, playing style is so distinctive, it would be great to hear those old friends make some music just for fun even...What about a Pink Cloud release...? I am not sure what Mel's physical condition is these days, with his hand injury, but I would bet he is playing and writing....

    Glenn is so versatile, but his sound is radically impacted by the guitarist he collaborates with.. for example compare the Gary Moore disc...with...Addiction, and then Hughes/Thrall.....each is great, but each carries a distinctive stamp of Moore, Bonilla, and Thrall... So what does everyone think about my pipedreams ?

  • all that sounds cool and i agree with you about the different styles with different musicians ( this to me is another example of the creative genius that glenn is) but i have to say that glenn said that all these collaborations he has been doing are going to be far and few between because he wants to focus on his own music -id like to hear him with schenker and jimmy page myself(the old jimmy page when he could realy play) but hey what will be will be im also waiting for matteo cd to come out to hear glenn on that

  • or how about glenn with some of his favorite soul musicians? from hearing him talk about what he likes i bet this would make him very happy

  • Quote from tony g

    the old jimmy page when he could realy play

    saw Page/Plant on the Walking Into Clarksdale Tour, and Page especially was in top form that evening here in Vienna! I will never forget when they played that first chord into the rockier part of No Quarter (after the intro) - I had tears in my eyes!!!

    :thumbup: John Sykes - I totally agree - you should really check out his new Live CD - Bad Boy Live! It's only available through his website (at a very reasonable price) http://www.johnsykes.com and in Japan. It really rocks big time!!! Tommy Aldridge on drums, Marco Mendoza on bass and Derek Sherinian on keyboards.

    Steve Stevens - I'd like to see that collaboration, but he is now very busy with Billy Idol's comeback album and Tour.

    And of course I'm still hoping for the Emerson/Bonilla/Hughes Live Album, especially for that version of Tarkus from Santa Cruz (the May 14th show). If you haven't heard it - there Is singing from another planet on this :clapper: :bow: - unbelievable and exactly the reason why I am GHCP.




  • i saw him too christian with the firm and some page/ plant maybe im just too favorable to his days in led zepplin i agree with you totally about the keith emerson live cd i was hoping for this myself

  • Glenn and Sykes could be great but after hearing 'Bad Boy live' I'm more than happy for Sykes to keep doing his own thing - he gets better with every record! My dream one would be Glenn and Richie Kotzen - the tracks they did on 'Incense and Peaches' were great, and Kotzen is an excellent songwriter and superb musician. The pair of them could do an album together and you wouldn't even need any other musicians!


  • Fantasy 1 : Pat Travers! If GH teams Pat who recently teamed up with Carmine Appice, it will be very cool. I have been waiting for the team by GH and PT for a long time. (Just one or two songs in BTM are not enough..)

    Fantasy 2 : David Foster and/or Jay Gradon. If their songwriting meets our Big Daddy's voice, it will create big hits on radio/movie. (It may sound like Trapeze meets Toto!)

    Fantasy 3: Char Takenaka (probably No.1 funky guitarist in Japan. In young days, Char seems to be influenced by Trapeze a lot.) The team may attract a lot of young funky music fans.

    Fantasy 4: Queen with Rodgers and Hughes.

  • An interesting list of:
    "Glenn should work again with_____________."

    We're all waiting now, to see what the new album with
    Tony Iommi sounds like, especially since I don't think that
    too many of us ever thought that it would ever happen.

    But as long as this is this thread's topic,
    I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned John Norum.
    Go listen again, to "Distant Voices."

    (Can Hughes/Coverdale be far behind? Heh, heh, heh.)



  • Hey, What you are forgetting is that JJ Marsh is THE man.

    He has grown both as a songwriter and an axeman with Glenn. He is able to adapt to all of Glenn's styles of music making.

    The only reason for Glenn to play with a "name" guitarist is for publicity and promotion reasons - not songwriting and playing performance.

    If JJ had replaced Blackmore in DP and come up with riffs like he has done with Glenn we would be saying wouldnt it be great if Glenn worked with JJ.

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Wolfy's got a great point, we are taking JJ for granted. All my favourite Glenn albums are one's co-written with JJ.

    But, to look at what Tony said, I had dreams of Glenn joining Queen + Paul Rodgers as the bassist, but after hearing a particularly good bootleg of the show in Basel I don't want to change a thing! Paul had a throat infection so he sang the first five, then Brian May sang two, then my hero Roger Taylor sang two (result! :bow:), then they duetted two before Rodgers came back to finish the show. It was brilliant and I don't think it could've been better even with Glenn.

    I'd still kill to hear a recording of him singing 'Stone Cold Crazy' from last year though!


  • I think that in JJ Glenn has found an amazing guitarist who is well suited to play across the myriad of styles that Glenn has brought into his work as a solo artist. His versatility is proven, and nobody should question his chops, but if Glenn were to work on outside collaborations, (i.e. - non-GH solo albums, for which I think JJ is the best), personally I'd love to see Glenn do another album with John Norum and, (as I've mentioned elsewhere here), I'd be keen to see him do some sort of a rootsy, Trapeze-like power trio project/album with Jake E. Lee.


  • Quote from James Gaden

    Glenn and Sykes could be great but after hearing 'Bad Boy live' I'm more than happy for Sykes to keep doing his own thing - he gets better with every record! My dream one would be Glenn and Richie Kotzen - the tracks they did on 'Incense and Peaches' were great, and Kotzen is an excellent songwriter and superb musician. The pair of them could do an album together and you wouldn't even need any other musicians!


    Yeah! That's it - Richie Kotzen. This sould be the perfect rock meets funk-pop-soul. This is the perfect partner to work with Glenn, just listen to Richie's albuns and you'll know why.

    Stevie Salas and John Sykes are great ideas too.

  • Of course this is all just talk. I love JJ. Definetly underrated! He is one hell of a nice guy, as are Chad and GH.:clapper:

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