Question for soulmover

  • Thank you :thumbup: Soulmover:bouncer:

    you WILL definetly get an encore :) for as you know Dutch festival crowds are always crazy :birthday2

    See you then

    stay funky

  • Great suggestion! Its a Stevie Wonder song, so yeah..

    I think I would freak out right at the spot if Glenn would learn the lyrics to Funky Monks, one of my RHCP funky favourites!

    Or what about Fire (Ohio Players) which Glenn has done live in the past, or Hollywood, which is a Chili Peppers version of The Meters' Africa...

    But then again, the festival is called Arrow Classic Rock and not Arrow Classic Funk...


    - Fedor

  • Higher Ground will be amazing as an ancore :bouncer2: which you deffinataly get.
    I really love that song!

    :thanx: Soulmover
    I hope you looking foreward to play in cold and rainy Holland, probably the weather will be better in June :p

  • Holland is one of my fav places to play..and it will be my first show with glenn in over a year so we will be goin for it. Can't wait..rain or shine. I spoke with big daddy about higher ground, and thinks its a great idea, so we'll do it.
    Ask and you shall receive. ;)

  • ONCE AGAIN THANK YOU SOULMOVER :bow: :) :) and offcourse Mister Rockadelic himself

    it will be the highlight of the year for me!!! (and for all those festivalpeople who will be blown away eheheeheehe)

    Arrows here we come :div27:


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