Birthday wishes!

  • I would like to step up to this fine forum and take a moment to forward some birthday wishes. I'd like to say many happy returns to a beautiful Scottish woman without whom I wouldn't have Fireworks, I wouldn't have interviewed Joe Lynn Turner, I wouldn't have anyone to offload my bizarre cd's onto, and without whom I wouldn't have a reason to live or anybody to fantasise over late at night.

    Happy Birthday Sue! ;)


  • Hi guys,

    Thanks for the good wishes.

    James- you have no idea how thrilled I was to get the CD's this morning! I'm listening to Mike Reid as we speak! Fantasise over ME? You really need to get out more! Lol!

    I've got the last night of the Danger Danger tour tonight, so I'm off for some Naughty Naughty and Monkey Business- and from what I've heard that the crew have in store for the band, it'll be exactly that!

  • Glad you were happy with them Sue - the Mike Reid one is so good it improves with every listen. Fresh bum notes every time you hear it! My personal favourites are the velvet vocals on 'Always On My Mind' and 'Just The Way You Are' and the staggeringly good vocal crescendo that finishes off 'Recipe for Love'.

    I should get out more? I thought you'd be thrilled that your lust fuelled feelings for me weren't just one way traffic. :cool:


  • (Singing along with Sir Paul...) :singer:

    "I'm glad it's your birthday
    Happy birthday to you!"

    Hope you're having a great one, Sue :thumbup: I'll be toasting you with my favorite libation. And James is onto something - you are indeed a beautiful woman, and your generosity and genuine nature make you more so. Enjoy your day!


  • I miss just about everyone's birthdays these days - never can get on the boards like I used to!

    Hope it was a good one ... :birthday3

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • Hi Sue:

    A very Happy Birthday to a you as a fellow Aries. My b-day is the 18th. Good to know there's alot of silly Rams out here. It's also Laurent's b-day :)
    Cheers all,

  • Thanks for the birthday wishes, and many happy returns to Ann, Laurent and Wolfy. So not only do I share my birthday with Pat Travers and David Cassidy, but I share my birthday week with some GHCP's! Fantastic! :D :D :D :D

    Hope you all have as good a time as I had on my birthday!
    The Danger Danger show was made that little bit more special by the arrival of my friend Mike Dmitrovic from Emerald Rain. All the way from Toronto, just to surprise me! I felt really special :bow:

    I thought we were in for an extra treat when, during the soundcheck, guitarist Rob Marcello started to play Mistreated, but sadly no! :( We got Journey's Don't Stop Believing instead! :clapper:

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