• Various sites are now confirming dates at JBs Dudley, Nottingham Rock City and London Mean Fiddler. When will this site and the official site catch up and give us the full list, so that we can all decide which shows to go to? Let's hope Scotland gets a mention soon!


  • Until things are 110% confirmed, we have to wait until the dates are officially announced. Although things are starting to show up here and there, until all the dates are fully confirmed nothing will be announced.

    Sure it's frustrating, but what would be the point of giving out dates that might then change. For those of us travelling along way and having to make flight/hotel arrangements and the like, it would be a pisser to discover I'm there the wrong day or even week! So for me, I'd rather wait and have the official dates to work off.

    Having said all that, we'll have them any day now, that much I can confirm

  • Well, I goo to the foot of ar stairs eh!!!

    The great man comes to bonnie scotland......

    at last!!!

    Suppose after all my wingeing I had better go to the show!!

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