Jake E Lee covers Trapeze

  • Former Ozzy Osbourne/Badlands guitarist Jake E. Lee releases a long over due album featuring cover songs, called Retraced, which amongst others includes a Trapeze cover of Way Back To The Bone :thumbup:

    It's due in the USA on April 26th via Shrapnel Records (the CD will be released in Europe on April 25th through Mascot Records). Pre-orders are available from select music retailers such as:


    The album, which was engineered by Michael Lardie, will feature the following lineup of musicians:

    Jake E. Lee (Ozzy Osbourne/Badlands): Guitars
    Chris Logan (MSG): Vocals
    Tim Bogert (Vanilla Fudge/Beck, Bogert & Appice): Bass
    Aynsley Dunbar (Whitesnake, MSG, UFO): Drums

    All the songs were recorded in a "power trio" format ala Badlands and the tracks for the project are cover songs along that style (bluesy power rock).

    Retraced track listing:

    1. Whiskey Train (PROCOL HAREM)
    2. Evil (CACTUS)
    3. Way Back to the Bone (TRAPEZE)
    4. I'll be Creepin' (FREE)
    5. Guess I'll Go Away (JOHNNY WINTER)
    6. Love Is Worth the Blues (WEST, BRUCE & LAING)
    7. I'll Come Tumblin' (GRAND FUNK)
    8. Woman (JAMES GANG)
    9. Hard Way to Go (SAVOY BROWN)
    10. I Can't Stand It (ROBIN TROWER)
    11. Rock Candy (MONTROSE)

  • Sounds VERY true to the original. Jake definitely has that vintage Trapeze/Mel Galley tone nailed on this one!

    Personally, I've always felt that if Glenn ever wanted to revisit the power-trio format again a la Trapeze, then Jake would be an ideal partner...


  • I'm somewhat surprised that Jake didn't choose a Tommy Bolin-era James Gang song to cover. I exchanged a few emails with Jake a number of years ago, and he was a huge Bolin fan.

    And like you, Marc, I think Jake and Glenn would come up with a real funky, RAW sounding collection of songs. Trap-lands, perhaps? LOL

    Can't wait to hear this album!


  • This just was added to my list...I must say that I am not familiar with Jake E. Lee's work at all....but the opinion of my fellow GHCP's is good as gold with me!

    He picks some really cool covers....Woman was a great live track for the James Gang and I Come Tumblin' was a Grand Funk Railroad track with a riff that Mark Farner cooked up that would have done Zeppelin proud! He chooses more obscure nuggets and not the "usual suspects".....Like Pat Travers' Trio, some older songs get a fresh reading..should be fun!!:clapper:

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford



    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • Picked this up today and I think it's going to be one of my favourite cover albums to date. His guitar work is extraordinary, almost like he's never been away. From what I've read he didn't pick up a guitar for a few years during his self-imposed "time-off". You'd never know it by listening to these well selected covers. There isn't a best one cut, as they're all classic songs from my favourite era of rock'n'roll. I think Glenn & Mel would approve of the Trapeze cover, as it sticks close to the original....a fitting tribute.

    The only sad thing about it, is that the songs & guitar cry out for Ray Gillen - although Chris Logan does a fine job.

    I highly recommend you get a copy of this, hopefully he'll think about putting together a brand new set of songs of his own sometime soon.

  • From Jake E. Lee's new solo album, Retraced.

    Run, do not walk to your local record store, and pick this album up. A well performed collection of 70s cover tunes, this album brims with musicality marked by Jake's explosively kinetic style of guitar playing.

    If Glenn were ever to revist his Trapeze funk-rock roots in a power trio format again, I'd love to see him do it with Jake myself.


  • David,

    I agree, Ray Gillen would have done an amazing job on these songs. Hell, Greg Chaisson would have been a welcome inclusion on bass guitar too!

    Indeed, if Badlands had ever recorded a covers album, I think it could well have sounded something like this.


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