URGENT-Need Your Help!!!

  • Hi all:

    Dream Aria is going to a meeting this week with a record company. If you have time to do one good deed for the sake of my sanity and in the name of music, could you please do us a small favour. It's the easiest thing you'll do this entire year, I guarantee you. Please could you go to the site-
    http://www.dreamaria.com and sign the guestbook and/ or go on the MSG board. Even if you say one word, it will help with this week's record company meeting. Also, if you know ANYBODY that has a few minutes to spare, their help would be much appreciated as well.:bow: :D We have alot of fans, but very few people have said "hello" on the site. We need to sell ourselves. :( Your help would make a huge difference for us. Maybe a record deal???? You know what this means to a musician!! :bouncer:

    I think you all know by now how much I appreciate your support. It's already made a huge impact. Just this little bit more could make the biggest one (impact) yet.

    I'm sure you all also know that if there's anything I can do in return to help you achieve your dreams, I will.

    Thanks and hope you're all well.:)
    Ann:singer: ;)

  • Good luck with the record company I hope many more sign your guest book and give you deserved support!

  • ann i had trouble getting on the message board but left a note i hope it was in the right place

  • Hey guys:

    Thanks so much for your help. :D Don't know why the msg board had a problem. :mad: I'm sure if you try again, it will be fine. If not, let me know and I'll fix your membership for you!:)

    Cheers all and all the best. I'll keep you posted!
    Thanks again...:bow:


  • Hi Ann and Christian,
    I will post MSG. I miss you guy's! You know who I miss most?
    GOD how I wish things were different! There is definitely a huge
    piece missing! That cruise was one of the greatest times of my life,
    with out a doubt! Glenn's music keeps me going. Send her a seperate e-mail, I am sure she will help with your cause. Keep on rockin', you're gonna make it, I know it. Can I still sing back up VOX?
    Talk to you soon.
    "The Fool"
    How are the "kids"?:singer:

  • MR. SNIDERS!!!! WHERE in the WORLD have you BEEN??!!:eek:

    We miss you too! :( Send us a note sometime. Come visit Toronto and you can stay here!:) Of course you can still sing back-ups! You are an AMAZING singer:bow:

    The cruise was awesome indeed. I've tried to get in touch with you know who- to no avail.

    The KIDS are great. Now we have 2 dogs and still 2 cats. My rabbit passed away last year but he was about 13 and was not sick a day in his life.

    How are things with you ??!!
    Keep in touch,

    THANKS TO EVERYBODY ELSE AGAIN for all your support!!:bouncer:

  • Ann,
    THANK YOU for the smile on my face right now :) I will call and catch you up on things. I finally have a computer again, used and slowwwww! :mad: So sorry about your bunny :( I am a little surprised you have'nt heard from her :huh: Will discuss later. I WILL Take off to the Great White North this spring! ;) Can,t wait to see the band.:bouncer: Missed you in Vegas and Orlando. The next North American show WE WILL BE THERE!:bow:
    "Why can't you see, I'm no stranger to love..."
    "It 's still haunting me........"

  • Hey Mark:

    So glad you're back in touch! Give us a call and get your butt over here soon! Lots to catch up on.:D

    We had our meeting today with the record company fellow. Very nice guy, concise, smart, interested and cool. He said he'll speak with his lawyers and get back to us before the end of next week. He said he's looking for a market for us, wants to do a publishing and distribution deal etc. We'll see what happens.

    Could you please tell everyone you know and ask them to tell everyone they know- about us!! We need record sales more than anything right now.

    We have a buzz going around about us but need to sell! If anyone is interested in a cd, please let me know. It's expensive through our web-site -I'm not happy about this but it's a long story and I had no say in it. I can sell the cd's myself at half the price!! Just let me know!!!!!:)

    Okay, once again- GET YOUR A** OVER HERE already!

  • Hi Guy's,

    I'll send you a check for a copy of the CD. I think I can get some air time down here. I kind of have a connection with the local morning guy who kicked Sterns butt in the market here. You might have heard of him, Brother Wease. He is pretty tight with Lou Gramm. My dad might be able to pull some strings as well. I have sent stuff to Wease before and he has used it as "bumper music". I will try my best!


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