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  • Tony Iommi recently answered questions from some of his fans at his website - here are the ones relating to Glenn.

    What was the last thing you recorded? Can you give us a hint or two at how your latest material sounds?

    New album with Glenn Hughes, he's really good.

    If you do some touring for DEP Sessions or the next studio album with Glenn, would you consider bringing out some of the more overlooked Sabbath material from the 80s and 90s, or perhaps some of Glenn's work in Deep Purple, as additions to the setlist?

    Don't know yet.

    Could you provide some information as to what guitar/amp combination you used to record the "7th Star" album?

    Laney Amp 100 Watt, JD Guitar

    I was just wondering with the next album, will it feature one singer exclusively like DEP sessions did, or a variety of different singers like the original IOMMI album from 2000? I know there are a bunch of artists I (as well as many other Sabbath/Iommi fans) would love to hear you collaborate with, not to mention maybe some new material featuring artists you've played with before.

    My next solo album is featuring Glenn Hughes. No titles yet, but glad you liked the other two.

    I believe I read (or perhaps heard in an interview) somewhere that the tentative plan is to record a solo project with Glenn Hughes over the winter for release in spring 2005, then perhaps record a new Black Sabbath album with Mr. Osbourne for release in 2006. Is this accurate? Also, will you tour with Mr. Hughes in 2005?

    The Iommi/Glenn Hughes album is finished and ready to release. No titles yet. Sabbath are hoping to write a new album soon.

    I really like the chemistry between you and Glenn Hughes. My suggestion for the ultimate Iommi solo band would be you, Glenn, and Mitch Mitchell. What do you think?

    That's not a bad idea.

    How are you getting along with you're next solo album?

    The solo album is finished, it's gone very well and it's going to be out soon.

    With the release of the DEP Sessions, is this your way of putting yourself out again, letting the world know that Iommi's still here, and can we expect another project from you soon??

    Yes, new album with Glenn Hughes is coming out soon. No title yet.

    Also, did you have any involvement with the lyrics on the DEP Sessions??

    No, I left it all to Glenn.

  • this guy a politician?

    "Hmm... it's coming out soon."

    "No title yet."

    "I don't know."

    Somehow I hate all this secrecy...why doesn't he just say - this is interview after all, right? He's supposed to tell us something, inform us - "It's coming out in__________ and it is called_______ and we're ___ going to tour with Glenn."

    It is not that hard. ;)

    Anyway - good to hear that it is coming out soon, but without title...yet...:)

    T:) :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:

  • I'm just happy Tony's picked someone who actually can sing :lol: I mean listen to his first solo release .... horrible :confused: !! Also Tony and Glenn have some unfinished business dating back from 86. I'm really looking foward to this. A tour with bigger halls, bigger crowds and Glenn's exposure to a lot of new fans. This will do him good.

  • thanks for the info david but i have to think that the reason iommi didnt answer bout the tour and cd release date is because he probably doesnt know himself ( i have read more than once that when iommi goes on tour he goes in comfort and style) im sure this takes time to set up

  • jerklund...your so funny...i was thinkin the same thing.
    maybe tony needs someone to type for him so he can get more than his one liners.

  • Hi,

    It´s Really Funny This Interview Who Is
    Interviewing Who !!! He Dosen´t Know Anything
    All His Replys Are, I Don´t Know, It´s Not A Bad Idea,
    My God Well Playing The Guitar Is Much The Same,
    Not Good At All, Just Some Strong Riffs Here And
    There, Some People Are Fortunate In Life Where They
    Get, This Is A Clear Example, If Iommi Would Start
    Today His Career Maybe He Would Make To The Next Corner If Lucky, That´s What I Call Born A The Right

    All The Best - Joe L.

  • My take on Iommi's secrecy is that Tony and Glenn have agreed that the upcoming album shall not cannibalise on Glenn's current Soul Mover momentum.

    I hope they're brining Kenny Aronoff on the road!


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