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    yeah - that's a nice release - Glenn gets really warm welcome when he enters the stage! People in Argentina really appreciate his talents. I think he sang Stormbringer, No Stranger To Love, You Keep On Moving and Burn with Rata Blanca. Cool stuff and the band is great too...:bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:

    T:) No 1 Rata Blanca fan in Finland :)

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  • God that was great......Thanks David.! I wonder if Glenn realizes his shirt is almost the same colours as the Argentine flag?


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    The songs played are the ones mentioned by jerklund but I must point out that Mistreated was played after Stormbringer and just before No Stranger To Love, unfortunately the Sabbath tune was not included in this dvd edition.

    That song in audio & video formats may be captured in the Argentine Black Sabbath tribute cd released some months ago ... anycase IMO the highlights of the show are Mistreated and YKOMoving.

    Furthermore there are pictures & interviews to all the band members ( and to GH of course ! ) being very interesting as the Rata Blanca guys talk mostly about the experience to play together with GH so I'm sure everybody will be able to enjoy it although by reading subtitles.

    The date of the gig captured in this dvd is the 2nd show, i.e. Dec. 14th 2003 ( Sunday ) at Gran Rex Theatre, Buenos Aires.
    On the first gig Glenn weared a black shirt instead of the light blue jean one and during the third gig ( Rosario ) he played with a red one .... I'm mentioning this because the labels usually state briefly December 2003 or things like Dec. 13th & 14th so you know exactly when it was, but I was there so I can inform you guys it's Dec.14th.

    All the best to all GH fans,
    juan manuel
    de Rosario y de Central !!!!!!!!!!!

  • thanks david i downloaded windows media player 10 and took your advice and just let it download (about 25 min) great clip glenn seems to be really enjoying himself and i have to say that i like the guitar players sound i hope it continues to work and i can see other things

  • wow - excellent clip - I have to get this!!!

    Any info as how and where to purchase this (- is it (going to be) available commercially?) very much appreciated!


  • Quote from Paul

    You could checkout Rata Blanca's shop, although don't know if they ship internationally, which is why I got it through eBay!

    :thumbup:Thanks, Paul!!!

    Just got my copy using BUY IT NOW from a wholesaler/retailer based in Argentina through eBay. Paid 36,90 US-Dollars (including registered shipping) total. Totally worth it, I guess.


  • I finally got my copy of the Rata Blanca import DVD last week, which has been on order for months. Having watched the four tracks Glenn is featured on - Stormbringer, Mistreated (the highlight for me), You keep on moving and Burn it was definitely worth the wait. I strongly recommend purchasing this to see Big Daddy on another DVD and the quality's good as well!


  • Thought i'd post this review of the DVD which was on

    This is an essential DVD purchase for any Glenn Hughes fan. He is a guest of Rata Blanca, during a gig in Buenos Aries, Argentina. The DVD was released in 2005. Rata Blanca are a late '80s /'early '90s rock style band with a lead singer who appears to model himself on Bruce Dickinson. Their playing is very accomplished and worth checking out, although not really to my taste. Having said that, the ballad "Cuando la Luz Oscurece" is pretty impressive. The DVD comes with English subtitles as well so you can keep track of the decent lyrics. The real star of the band is the lead guitarist. I was very impressed with his performance throughout. He can adapt styles from hard rock / metal to subtle blues based playing and he is technically very competent. He's clearly a fan of Blackmore too judging from his playing.

    So what of Glenn? His performance is nothing short of stunning. We are treated to four tracks from MK 3 Deep Purple, namely "Burn", "Stormbringer", "Mistreated", and "You Keep On Moving". The band are super tight as Glenn launches into "Stormbringer". I was impressed with the crowd reaction and he dominates the stage. With Rata Blanca supporting him, he powers through "Mistreated". Glenn's vocals soar throughout and the song has plenty of extended solid jamming throughout. Their guitarist is awesome. This song alone is well worth the cost of the DVD. "You Keep On Moving" keeps up the standard . "Burn" concludes Glenn's set and what a way to finish. It's the best version (non Purple) on DVD I've heard and this makes the Whitesnake version pale into insignificance. The crowd explode at the end - not literally - and Glenn hugs each band member. Then he's gone.

    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]I'm not sure why he didn't play any of his solo material especially from the excellent "Songs in the Key of Rock". However, this DVD is worth every penny.[/FONT]

    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]review: Meurig Thomas[/FONT]


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