Bradford Rollcall

  • I will be there. I fly out on Virgin out of LAX Monday Afternoon....get to Heathrow the next day, then jet to Manchester, where I'm picked up by the Booths.....Somewhere in all this I must sleep or I'll never make it....Cause when I get to the venue I must have some beer.


  • I'll be there with Phil and possibly a couple of other friends. Looking forward to seeing you all there.
    I'll also bring some copies of the issue of Fireworks with the JLT interview in. Let me know if anybody wants one.

  • No need David, I've already dispatched one your way so you and Shirean can give me your much valued opinion.

    I'll include a copy for you to send to some Austrian promoters too, so they can rip off more of my artwork!


    "How can you lose, when you're destined to be a winner?"

  • Sorry for not replying to you earlier David. Glad to know James has sorted you out. See, that's what we needed- more enthusiasm! And he even managed to get the bit about his being 'rediculously handsome' inside the front cover!
    I've been off gadding about with Danny Vaughn (who paints a mean hall, stairs and landing, I can tell you!) and Firehouse. It's great to see Danny back with a full electric band and I can't wait for the Tyketto reunion in November.
    Anyway, back to all things HTP, I'll be at the Dudley show as well David, so see you there.

  • Well, I doubt there will be any room for any other fans with james' HUGE head and his adoring army of fans.

    Unfortunately I shall not be attending due to work and partially in protest at no Scottish gigs, but hey, Glenn wont miss me or John or any other of his Scottish fans so the protest will not make any difference.....unless I get James to hold a flag saying More Scottish D ates......thought not !!!

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