• Favourite Soul Mover Studio track 54

    1. Soul Mover (7) 13%
    2. She Moves Ghostly (4) 7%
    3. High Road (3) 6%
    4. Orion (4) 7%
    5. Change Yourself (5) 9%
    6. Let It Go (7) 13%
    7. Dark Star (9) 17%
    8. Isolation (3) 6%
    9. Land Of The Livin' (Wonderland) (3) 6%
    10. Miss Little Insane (3) 6%
    11. Last Mistake (1) 2%
    12. Dont Let Me Bleed (5) 9%

    So whats your favourite track on SM?

    Mine changes with every listen :) but High Road, Orion, and Land of the Livin are my current faves

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • this is a tough one in my opinion everyone is a thriller not a filler!!

    push comes to shove i would have to say ''she moves ghostly'':cool:

  • "Change yourself" starting to grow on me ..:) ...nice modern rock song and melodic ..great song...hope to hear it tomorrow live in NOSTURI :bow: :thumbup:

  • Hello...
    This is my first post on this board. My vote is for ... Change Yourself.
    I like all the more typical Glenn-songs, but on this record Change Yourself
    got my attention by beeing somewhat different.
    I´ve been following Glenns career since the "comeback album" Blues,
    but I really discovered him already in 1982 with the Hughes & Thrall LP.


    Jops, Sweden

  • Hi!

    My favorites are Little Miss Insane,Dark Star,Change Your Self,Let It Go,Isolation,Land Of The Livin and Don´t Let Me Bleed.

    Soul Mover is "Worst" track its a bit dull.

  • Hey wolfy,

    You must have been thinking of Lucy, at that time.
    (Sorry that I'm such an annoying proof-reader.)

    Thanks David; do I win ANOTHER GH bass guitar for this?:lol: :lol:


  • Was just on Apple's iTunes Music Store again and thought this might be of interest. As you know Soul Mover is now available from there, both as a complete package as well as individual songs.

    Here's the Top Downloaded Songs from Soul Mover as of this date:

    Don't Let Me Bleed
    Dark Star
    Let It Go
    High Road
    She Moves Ghostly
    Soul Mover
    Last Mistake
    Miss Little Insane
    Land Of The Livin' (Wonderland)

    Other than bumping Isolation a little higher, it looks good to me :cool:

  • Thanks for posting the "Soul Mover" information, Shirean.
    "She Moves Ghostley" was originally number one with me.
    But there's something about "Don't Let Me Bleed"
    that sneaks up on you..........
    ..........the more you listen to it, the more that you hear.

    I'm not personally responsible for stuffing this ballot box.



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