Glasgow to Dudley

  • I'll be making the 270 mile drive from Glasgow to Dudley tomorrow afternoon. I'll be coming to this show on my own. I'm also going to the much closer to home show in Edinburgh on Sunday but I'm taking a group of friends who will be new to the GH experience to that one.

    No doubt I will see many of you in Dudley tomorrow but I have no idea how to recognise any of you. Unless you know how to spot a lone Scotsman then you wont recognise me either! I'll wear a plain white long sleeve top, so say Hi if you think its me.

    I'll have to drive back after the show and should get home between 4 and 5 am. No Guinness for me then!

    See you in Dudley and Edinburgh....


  • Hi Ian, I think you spoke to me and my mate at last nights gig. We were at the bar, he had an Aerosmith T-shirt on and I had Coast to Coast top on. We were amazed that you had made the mammoth trip to see our hero! Hope you enjoyed the gig as much as we did and that you had a safe trip home.

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