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    Chip, unfortunately i havent managed to get a "hard copy" for you (or me) :(

    Glenn hits a Purple patch

    John Ogden talks to Cannock-born rocker Glenn Hughes ahead of his 'hometown' gig in Dudley next week

    Feb 5, 2005

    It's been a rocky road for Glenn Hughes, but now he's on a roll. When the Cannock-born 'Voice of Rock' returns to JB's, Dudley, next Friday it will be to as much excited speculation as when he announced he was joining Deep Purple all those years ago.

    Glenn Hughes - "All that hard work I was doing earlier is now paying off"

    Suddenly the top names in rock's new pantheon are enjoying playing with a guy they idolised when their own careers were starting out, none more so than Chad Smith, drummer with The Red Hot Chili Peppers, whose funky thunder graces both Soul Mover, Glenn's new album, and his DVD Soulfully Live in the City of Angels.

    Chad also features on two mind-boggling film commissions with the singer-bassist: can you believe him, Chili guitarist John Frusciante and Glenn doing a new version of Nights In White Satin? It's already in the can!

    An even less likely scenario for Glenn was doing a Led Zeppelin song, Misty Mountain Hop, again with Chad and guitarist Jerry Cantrell formerly of Alice in Chains. The song is apparently bound for the soundtrack of a movie called Lords of Dogtown.

    Yet another of Glenn's new mates is Dave Navarro, lead guitarist of Jane's Addiction, who features on the title track of Soul Mover. The CD also includes a DVD film showing him, Glenn and Chad thumping out the track in the desert.

    But just so the kids don't scoop all the glory another guitar great, Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi, has teamed up with Glenn to cut a new album which it is hoped will see them doing an accompanying tour together.

    The rock world already knows how well they work together from the long-lost DEP sessions, rediscovered by Tony and released last year, and hailed as one of the ten best albums of 2004 by Classic Rock magazine.

    Says Glenn: "All that hard work I was doing earlier is now paying off.

    "It's gone all one way since I decided not to make any more records with anyone else in mind but myself - to do what I wanted to do, not what some bloke behind a desk in Japan, Germany or France thought I should do."

    Chad Smith's open-hearted backing has helped Glenn's climb in no small measure.

    They met two years ago at a huge music trade fair in Glenn's adopted home town of LA, where the singer formed a new band to showcase some of his new songs.

    "When we started playing together it was stunning. We looked at each other and we both thought 'Wow' and we've been playing together ever since. When he's not playing with the Peppers he's playing with me, either in the studio or onstage.

    "He's just great company, a nice guy and great drummer.

    "Chad insisted we record Soul Mover live in the studio, as we did with Trapeze, all playing together," says Glenn.

    The result is an album showing the singer right back on top form.

    His two month tour of Europe was originally scheduled for December, and Chad had agreed to do the tour, but the Chili's recording commitments meant a last-minute cancellation.

    The rescheduled tour will feature Glenn's long-standing "European" band featuring guitarist pal JJ Marsh, Kjell Haraldson on keyboards and Thomas Broman on drums.

    Says Glenn: "I am so looking forward to returning to Dudley. This is my hometown gig. I have played there a few times now and I am confident my old friends and some new faces will help the Soul Mover tour get off to a great start."

    The new faces he mentions are support bands The Lizards, featuring ex-Rainbow and Blue Oyster Cult drummer Bobby Rondinelli, and Lunar Mile who are fronted by Tony Iommi's daughter.

    The latter gives some clue as to whom the old friends might include.

    On the subject of lead guitarists, Queen's Brian May is another long time friend, and invited Glenn to the opening of their musical We Will Rock You, in Las Vegas, possibly for the party afterwards, when May and Roger Taylor formed an impromptu band which also included Glenn, Meatloaf, Chad Smith and Steve Vai, giving all the favourite Queen songs a powerful reworking.

    Glenn is now as focused as at any time in his career, and works on new songs every day in his studio at home.

    Fighting back from an horrendous, near fatal and very costly cocaine addiction was a lesson learned the hard way about the value of life, and now at last he's having fun.

    He's released at least one new original solo album every year since then and made numerous other guest appearances and projects. Last year, as well as Songs In The Key Of Rock (where the stupendous In My Blood is one of his best ever recorded performances) Glenn did a commercially successful tour promoting a second album with Joe Lynn Turner (another Deep Purple former player and Rainbow star) as the Hughes Turner Project.

  • Yep twas John Ogden Thanks for posting it Wolfy. Not living in the area, it's difficult to get hold of a copy. We tried to get to as many regional newspapers as possible to pre publicise each of the gigs in the UK. Monitoring the press coverage has not been easy so this helps greatly. If anyone spots anything else, particularly in the Norwich, Edinburgh and Sheffield areas, please let me know.

  • Also came across this article....

    Rock legend blasts yobs after attacks

    A Cannock rock legend has criticised the rise of yob culture in the town after he was set upon by gangs of youths during an emotional visit back home from his base in Los Angeles.

    Glenn Hughes, whose current album 'Soul Mover' is riding high in the charts in the States, said he had been left dismayed by the deterioration of the town and the behaviour of youth gangs.

    The former member of Black Sabbath and Whitesnake, who is in the town to spend time with his parents and play a series of UK gigs, called on the youths to turn their lives around before it was too late.

    "I am proud to be from Cannock," he told The Post during a short break at his parents' home. "But what has happened with the youths here has really upset me.

    "I was mortified to be accosted twice in broad daylight by a group of youths in the town centre. They hang around drinking beer in gangs and they are just wasting their lives. I have friends here who tell me problems with youths are just part of everyday life now.

    "The whole situation has left me upset and angry. People say to me 'you're from LA, you must be used to trouble and cops with guns', but it is not like that at all. I find it really bizarre, I was born here but now I can't walk down the street. It's sad."

    Glenn, whose current album is produced by Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, turned his life around after years of drug abuse. He is calling on town youngsters to do the same. "Fourteen years ago I turned my life around. I gave my self a purpose. My life changed to that of a more spiritual path. That would my message to the youth of my town. You can turn your life around.

    "The Cannock I left has changed completely. It seems a lot of youths are trapped in alcohol and drug abuse. In America they are a lot more enlightened in dealing with things like this. In the 80s it was all cocaine and the champagne jet-set, and there were dealers following us around. But I got a grip of my self and turned my life around; that's what a lot of these people need to do.

    "I'm not putting Cannock down, I'm proud of coming from here. Everybody I meet I tell them. I love to walk around The Chase and breathe in the essence of my youth."

    Life is good for Glenn at the moment. Hot on the heels of his latest successful album is a highly anticipated project involving legendary Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi.

    He was also recently made guest of honour at a home game of his beloved Wolverhampton Wanderers.

    "This year has been the busiest of my life, I've got a great family and a great lifestyle. I feel like I'm 25 again."

    Glenn plays JBs in Dudley tomorrow (Friday, February 11th, 2005).…teid=75673-name_page.html

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    Chip, unfortunately i havent managed to get a "hard copy" for you (or me) :(

    Well I guess you need to try harder :lol: Just kidding Wolfy :D All of us here appreciated you finding this stuff and posting it for us to read.

    I'm grateful for anything you can manage to send my way :thumbup:


  • This was actually the front page headline of the paper.

    Chip, You will be pleased to know that a copy of the paper that the above article that David has posted is in my possession. I just didnt get time to post it up here.
    I only discovered the site that David nicked it from last week when doing the story about Olivia.

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