Soul Mover - 10 days on.

  • I've now had my copy of Soul Mover for 10 days. It's the only CD I've had in my car since then. (I'm very luck to have a BMW Professional Hi-fi System in my car and I can assure you that Soul Mover sounds AWSOME on it.)

    Although there's not much to choose between most of the tracks, my favourite two at the moment are Change Yourself and Last Mistake. (Also Dark Star is sounding funkier and more infectious with every listen.)

    Overall I think it is an album that is overflowing with confidence. I really think that Glenn sounds as if he is operating exactly in the zone where he wants to be, more so than with any other album he has ever made. There is no element of a session musician feel to it. Everyone involved seems to be fully on board and committed.

    Initial reaction to Soul Mover seems to be really positive. I just hope that it brings Glenn the success and acclaim that we all know he deserves.

    Can't wait to hear some Soul Mover tracks live in Dudley and Edinburgh.


  • Oh man..I REALLY envy all you folks in the UK and Europe! to get to hear some of the Soul Mover tracks played's hoping we get our turn in the States this year!! And from all accounts it may be more than just a dream....:)

    I have had Soul Mover since last Friday and am just knocked out by it....even the tracks that didn't floor me on first listen are "growers" and what a start up for 2005!!!:thumbup:

    Glenn's latest "child" is the start of an exciting direction.....We're behind you all the way Glenn!!:claphands

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • Just got my CD today. I've listened to it in full once. An incredible CD on first listen and I'm sure it will only grow on me! The standout tracks are Soul Mover, Orion, Change Yourself, Dont Let Me Bleed, Land Of The Living...All are great though.!

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