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    Like all great albums that have made it on to my "All Time Faves" list, Soul Mover took quite a few listenings to before the album as a whole really sunk in for me. And after reading all the great reviews everyone has posted, I wanted to put a bit of thought into this one.

    First off, I'll reiterate what most people have said about Glenn's direction on this album. I'm really happy that GH is no longer letting the "...you can only do hard rock in the vein of Deep Purple if you want to succeed" mind set rule what he is going to do from now on. I've always been a fan of Glenn's because of his extreme diversity in the music he chooses to do. The Funk is a big part of Glenn's sound, and I'm ecstatic he's chosen to embrace it again. What set Trapeze apart from the pack so many years ago, and got them such a loyal cult following is the same formula that will carve out Glenn's current niche in the music world.

    Soul Mover has a lot of Glenn's influences from the past and present in it, and several other people have already posted quite a few of the same feelings I've had about the album in general. Here's a few impressions I've got on the individual tracks.

    SOUL MOVER - A Classic Driving Opener with a Great Hook, Most of Glenn's Rock Influences are all represented here. Navarro's solo is one of his best ever.

    SHE MOVES GHOSTLY - Glenn's homage to his days in Purple, "You Fool No One" with a modern vibe.

    HIGH ROAD - One of my favorites, a great hook again, along with almost a Stevie Wonder meets late 60's rock feel to it. Hope this is one he does on tour.

    ORION - With it's ZEP-style intro and groove throughout, Glenn adds some very unique vocal arrangements to this one. I could see George Lynch doing this one with Glenn.

    CHANGE YOURSELF - IMHO the most "Nurock" sounding track on the album. I hear traces of Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, and the Chilis, but with amazing vocals!

    LET IT GO - Seems to me to be the most personal statement that Glenn makes on the album about the direction his career and life are taking.

    DARK STAR - If you wondered what Trapeze would have sounded like in the year 2005, this is your song! This one has all of Glenn's trademarks stamped all over it. I pray he does this one on tour as well!

    LAND OF THE LIVING - Hendrix-style influences are all over this track. JJ does some great guitar work throughout, and Glenn's delivery is immaculate.

    ISOLATION - Another great Hook! With the Santana/Motown feel at the beginning to its merge into classic HughesRock for the chorus, this song is the most musically diverse on the album.

    MISS LITTLE INSANE - To me this track was reminiscent of Cheap Trick at their best with severe attitude! A driving rocker with JJ doing one of the most unique guitar solos since Page did "Radioactive".

    We've come to expect Glenn to end his albums with Epic songs such as "Days Of Avalon", well on Soul Mover we get a real treat. Back to Back epics with LAST MISTAKE and DON'T LET ME BLEED! Both songs go through some great changes, Glenn and the band are in top form throughout both of these standout tracks.

    As fans,We expect nothing but stellar performances from GH on both his Vocals and Bass Playing, and this album delivers Big Time on both! He plays with a conviction I haven't heard from him in years, and a renewed sense of direction in his songwriting. Chad's drumming is more passionate on this album than anything I've heard him do with RHCP, and I also agree that he is the "Perfect" drummer for Glenn! JJ has impressed me more on this album than any other, and his growth as a major guitar player is astounding. Unfortunately I felt that Ed Roth's keyboards were lost in the mix, but his talents were very evident. Maybe they were going for more of a "Guitar-Oriented" sound on this one.

    Well, that's it Sport Fans! My take on what will probably end up being Glenn's most important album of the last 20 years.

    Keep On Rockin' In The Free World,


    Let's Kick It With A Tasty Groove :guitarmet

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