Review: Soul Mover Video Clip

  • Glenn Hughes is on a roll.

    How else to explain it? The stars have all aligned, the gods have smiled, and the long held hopes and dreams of his fans, (and perhaps Glenn himself), seem finally to have come to fruition.

    Fresh on the heels of his highly acclaimed - and very well received - solo album, "Songs in The Key of Rock", which was followed closely by the brilliant live album and DVD, "Soulfully Live in the City of Angels", Hughes seems to have struck pay dirt in a soon to be released third collaboration with Black Sabbath guitarist, Tony Iommi, a new high profile contract with rock label giant, Sanctuary Records, and most immediately a new solo album, "Soul Mover", which even in advance of its release is already surrounded by a huge buzz that has his fans worldwide full of excitement as they wait for its sortie just weeks from now.

    The album, which is scheduled for initial release in Europe on January 24th through Hughes' current label, Frontiers Records, is a special one, marked not only by the effusive praise Hughes himself has given it, or by the fact that it reflects the first full studio collaboration on new material between Hughes, his longtime guitarist JJ Marsh, Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith, and special guest, guitarist Dave Navarro, but also for its inclusion of a full length MTV-style video for the album's title track, "Soul Mover".

    The first video of this kind that Hughes has done since 2000's "Days of Avalon", (from Hughes' "Return of Crystal Karma " CD), "Soul Mover" is an electrifying performance clip featuring Hughes, special guest Dave Navarro, and drummer Chad Smith, filmed in the deserts of Southern California. The song itself is a catchy, mid-tempo piece of funked-up rock, with an irresistably undulating power chorus that will stay with the listener for days after it is first heard.

    Hughes is in fine form - dressed in black, long hair blowing in the SoCal desert breeze, and sporting the coolest shades around as he struts his stuff with flair, confidence and style - and the stylized, slightly gritty look of the video suits the soundtrack well. Interspersed between shots of Hughes and Co. pounding out the music for this little masterpiece, there are some great, (if slightly tongue in cheek), takes of Hughes rolling through the desert in a big black hearse which features prominently in the clip later on when guitarist, Navarro, tears out a transcendentally muscular guitar solo whilst perched on top of the old car itself.

    Soul Mover indeed…

    There's really nothing not to admire here. Good camera angles, interesting color effects, and well composed shots all combine to form an interesting montage of different sequences that hold the viewer's attention as much as does the song itself.

    Though there have been no officially announced plans concerning the clip's potential airing on MTV, one can't help but think that, if given the rotation that it deserves on MTV Europe or VH1 Classics here in the U.S., the clip for "Soul Mover" couldn't be anything less than another feather in Hughes' cap for 2005, a year which looks to hold nothing but great promise for him as he takes his solo career to the next level it deserves and for which it is long overdue.


    -Marc Fevre

  • Awesome video! (But they should have ended it on that great slow-mo shot of Glenn, instead of going a few seconds longer with that shot of Chad and Dave.) That last shot of Glenn is a classic - confident and dynamic!


  • Oh yeah..what a killer bonus that was added to Soul Mover!! I gave it a spin on the computer and was knocked out. A killer track and a dynamite video! I just have one question....Is there a station on the TV that ACTUALLY plays videos anymore and not an endless stream of codswallop like "Pimp My Ride"?? And don't get me started on all that reality rubbish?? C'mon..that stuff is choreographed like the Bolshoi Ballet and all of the magic is achieved in the editing room.:rolleyes:

    OK..enough editorializing for one night!

    2005 is gonna be a fantastic year for Glenn!!:thumbup:

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

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