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  • Woo hoo! Merry Christmas to me! I've been off work all week with the flu and feeling really sorry for myself :( and then the postman came! He dropped the promo of Soul Mover through the letterbox and all of a sudden I feel so much better!

    Got it on at the moment and my first impression is how huge the sound is. It's very much a mix of old and new and I look forward to playing it non stop for the next few days till I have to go back to work :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :clapper: :clapper: :clapper:

  • Thanks- I think! Lol!

    By looking at the disk, it says that it's an unmastered version. Wonder why they're doing that? Probably so they can get the promos out before Christmas, maybe?

    I can't hear any way they could make it sound any better though.

    Honestly- I haven't been as into Glenn's last couple of CD's as most, but this is great. I know it'll take a few listens to be completely hooked, but it's got real balls. I know you will all be very happy with the results.

    Big thumbs up from me anyway :thumbup:

    Well done Glenn. Best I've heard you yet! :bow:

  • it is unmastered?? believe me, by mastering it will even sound better :bouncer:

    an unmastered copy of an Glenn Hughes cd is a 'wet dream' for an nonprofessional musician like me

    please can i have it if you don't want it anymore??????, please, please please :rolleyes:

    stay funky

  • i just have finished listening to the entire cd.
    It really rocks, one hour of funk rock, no fillers !!!!!
    The sound is clear and powerfull. The guitars sound more modern and there are also some new drum sound.
    Really his best solo work since a long time:claphands

  • I got mine a few days ago and I can't get over how good it is. The songs are all really great, the playing is outstanding and I think it's going to be up there with my favourite albums EVER!!!

    Some great lyrics too. Tongue in cheek- definitely!

    I can't decide who it reminds me of most- Living Colour, Kings X or Mothers Finest!

    Something for everyone in there I think.

  • Soul mover
    great opener ! Funk rock at his best ! One of the Highlights of the cd. Can't wait to hear this song live !
    She moves ghostly
    this song could have been on BTM or SITKOR. A speed rocker in the style of ''wherever you go" with always some great percussions like african congas!
    High road
    Amazing modern guitar sound for this mid tempo song. Some parts remember me "out on me" but more funky !
    Another highlight on the cd. A new style for Glenn. Glenn meets the Red hot chilli peppers with a very modern guitar solo.
    Change yourself
    The beginning of this song is very dark, it sounds like Soungarden or Alice in chains. And then it becomes a mid tempo very commercial.
    Let it go
    First epic song ( 7 minutes). This song could have been on Addiction.
    Slow psychedelic moments and heavy riffs very Sabbath in the chorus.
    Dark star
    Funky rock is back. A Ritchie Kotzen kind of song.
    It remembers me the funky part of "gettin tighter" live.
    Great commercial chorus.
    Land of the livin' (wonderland)
    This is a funky mid tempo. A song with no surprise. Typical Glenn song.
    The beginning is very soul with percussions in the style of santana. Catchy chorus in the vein of "From now on". Another highlight !
    Miss little insane
    Typical hard rock song. It could have been on HTP.
    "I got your number" meets "Revelations". Great modern guitar solo.
    Last mistake
    Slow tempo song in the style of Govn't Mule. A cross between " written all over your face" and " Days of avalon" with Stevie salas guitar sound.
    don't let me bleed
    Second epic song (7 minutes)
    it remembers me "on the ledge" from HTP. A succession of slow and hard moments. A great way to finish the cd.
    at the end of the last song, like on SITKOR, you'll find 5 seconds of Glenn's voice with keyboards.

    Don't forget, it's my personal review and i hope it will give you a good idea of Soul mover. Anyway when i have finished to listen to it, i only need one thing : to play it again !:claphands :clapper: :claphands

  • Hello everybody . First thing,sorry for my english(not perfect).I'm completly agree with Martial a great hard funk soul and rock cd.Better than songs in the key of rock.Here,all the songs are really really great with good chorus.Thanks to Chad Smith a very very good drumer,J.J.Marsh really a good job( special sound of guitar and original guitar'solo)Keys,Not to much,just what we need.And Glenn really groove on bass and for the firsrt time since a very long time he doesn't scream on each songs.But really sing.Glenn's voice.THE BEST.Like Martial when i have finished to listen...just only need one thing...Play it again and again.We hope to see Glenn in Belgium or Holland in 2005.Merry Christmas and happy new year to everyone .Soul mover,She moves ghostly,Orion,Change yourself,Let it go,Isolation..A great cd.

  • Hi Manu
    Looks like we've really got something to look forward to in January - I assume you have got a promotional copy in Belgium? I've only listened to the clips from Melodicrock's website but it has certainly made me want the release date to come forward..!!!

    A Merry Christmas to you & all :biggrinsa

  • I've just listened to the album once. It's true it's different than the previous couple of albums. There's a lot of heavy-funk stuff, less of a so-called *classic rock* songs. You can feel the RHCP aura. Production differs at times from the previous albums as well but only slightly. It has a more contemporary sounding, more like the new funk-rock bands. Some songs remind me of "Addiction" but they're not as climatic. A good album overall. I'll have to get used to it as unfortunately it didn't blow me away at first but it's one the albums that really grows on you after every next listening. :cool:

  • Hi everybody,

    as usual I was checking out the local sunday paper (available today because of the holiday) in the morning during breakfast, and look what I found!

    There were only 4 CD Mini-reviews today, Elvis Presley's debut reissued, an alternative Sampler by FM4 Radio station, the new Album by Sportfreunde Stiller from Germany and "Soul Mover" (see pic)

    For the statistics:
    This is from the Kurier, Austria's second biggest daily newspaper, Saturday January 1st, 2005 page 46

    Guido Tartarotti (the man behind "GUITAR") is imo one of Austria's best music critics with a faible for classic and Heavy Rock :thumbup:

    A translation of the review would read like this:

    The ex-Deep Purple bass player and vocalist has dedicated his life researching the complicated relation between Rock and Soul. His new album -with Red Hot Chili Peppers' Chad Smith on drums- reminds one of the funky Deep Purple from 1975.

    Note, only Elvis got 5 stars (a rarity, GUITAR giving 5 stars), all others, including "Soul Mover") got 3 out of 5, which is really good!


  • Nice, concise and right on target with this review. Sounds impressive before the translation too :D . Hope someone Stateside will pick up the CD and give it a listen so maybe we'll see more positive reviews here. Since GH isn't some punk or rapper most 'mainstream' pubs won't even bother listening...their loss!!

    Anyone know any radio or Newspaper people ?? MAybe we can get the word out through this group...and not just the handful that already do so.


    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • During the past few months, it has been quite amazing the amount of work Glenn has been doing. Recently the live cd/dvd companion, the amazing "Burn" remaster including the extra tracks and a magnificent 24 page colour book on the "Burn" sessions!! Great stuff. Finally, although it was pretty easy to listen too the aborted second Glenn Hughes/ Toni Iommi album online, after an 8 year period it finally sees the light of day. Although it is short on time, it still kills. As his new "Soul Mover" is due very soon, and to my listening could this actually be one of the best releases he has done in ages? If i can use a term, i can assure you all his fans will be "moved", and for some other great news Glenn and Tony Iommi, are now recording! This is too good! 2005 will be an awesome year for Glenn, that is for certain.

  • Here's another....from he could of scored it a little higher, but do like his comment, ".....tied up in a bouquet of funk, soul, R&B and of course - R.O.C.K." :thumbup:

    Glenn Hughes - Soul Mover

    Songs: 89%
    Sound: 93%

    Glenn Hughes can sign it all - blues, funk, pop, metal, AOR…you name it. He ain't dubbed the voice of rock for nothing! And over his vast and distinguished career he has recorded it all at one stage or another. His career has had more stages than Broadway, and once again, in the lead up to this release we are faced with fresh claims from Glenn that this is his new 'stage' - "this, to me, is the start of the next phase of my career," states the man himself...again. These u-turns might be hard for all to follow. No one can expect Glenn to stick to a particular path for any length of time. Dedicated Hughes fans however, are very patient and simply accept the musical rainbow Glenn is content upon delivering.

    One look through his solo catalogue showcases a very diverse path and Soul Mover is another u-turn from the straight ahead classic rock that has dominated recent releases such as the last solo album Songs In The Key Of Rock and the Hughes Turner releases.

    Despite claims this album would be something pretty different, I find it simply to be just more of the same Glenn Hughes fans know and love. There is nothing here that hasn't been done before - but possibly this style hasn't been done quite so well before as it has been here.

    Soul Mover is another great Hughes album - one that features a heavy does of blues, funk and soul. This is simply Glenn Hughes doing what he does best - with some quality songwriting along for the ride.

    Soul Mover is part Feel, part The Way It Is and part Building The Machine. And it's part Red Hot Chilli Peppers, thanks to a major contribution from Peppers drummer Chad Smith. Joining Hughes and Smith on this mission is long time associates JJ March and Ed Roth, plus guest Dave Navarro on a couple of tracks.

    The musical journey of Soul Mover will best be appreciated by long time Hughes fans – those that appreciate his whim for experimentation. The album offers some hard rock attitude with a heavy dose of funk, such as the groovy opening track Soul Mover and the distorted hard funk of High Road and the psychedelic Orion. Change Yourself and Let It Go both offer something different, with an updated style and sound that mixes retro with contemporary. There's also the true 70's funky pop of Dark Star and a little straight ahead rock on Isolation and Little Miss Insane.

    There is possibly nothing finer on the album than the Santana inspired rhythm of She Moves Ghostly, which features a wonderfully soulful vocal, and some inspired percussion only someone of Chad Smith's caliber and background could offer.

    The Bottom Line
    Another solid Glenn Hughes album - period. The album features some very strong performances and some very fine songs - with all the melodies and memorable chorus hooks present in other Hughes releases - just this time around they are tied up in a bouquet of funk, soul, R&B and of course - R.O.C.K.

  • I'll keep this short. Mainly because I can't express in words how I feel about this album.

    This is the most awesome release I've ever heard!!! If any of this could make it to the radio, watch out....Glenn's rise to fame (again) is taking off like a rocket.

    Glenn, you out did yourself this time buddy!! :bow: :claphands

    I hope we get to hear some Soul Mover material in February


  • After being basically skint the last few months, I wound up with some extra cash. So I found a crow bar in the garage, pried open my wallet and placed an order with NEH Records....thanks to David for the tip! I am going to have my own Glenn Fest in a few days!

    I ordered;

    Soul Mover

    Soulfully Live In The City Of Angels

    HTP: Live IN Tokyo

    And to add a bit of variety;

    Jeff Scott Soto- Lost In The Translation:bouncer:

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

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