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  • :( where are the US tour dates?

    We love Glenn too :bouncer:

    SoulMover Rocks! :claphands

    I jammed out on the CD today before work :singer:

    You gotta love it! :cool:

    Peace Out :D

  • Another great review....

    Soul Mover - Glenn Hughes

    Music from Sanctuary Records
    Release date: 15 March, 2005

    Rating - 10/10

    Glenn Hughes - the name is synonymous with great bass players and the term blues rocker. From Trapeze, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath to a highly acclaimed solo career, the man has been around the block and back. Unlike some of his contemporaries, he has been wise enough to take care of himself and maintain an enormously successful career that is unmatched by very few in the music industry. With that steadfast determination, he releases Soul Mover, a killer album that features the incredible Hughes trademark bass lines and from-the-gut vocals that have made him one of the most recognizable voices in rock. The man sounds as good as he did when he recorded Burn with Deep Purple, which was released 30 years ago!

    The album starts with a big bang, as the title track (which is also the bonus video) featuring Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro, lets loose. Hughes’ bass playing is jaw dropping. Incredible dexterities are evident, and lightning fast fingers the key to his craft on this album. Fellow and younger band mates meet the challenge of keeping up with the elder statesman of rock. Similar to the DEP Sessions, I heard the fusion elements of blues, rock, funk and rhythm and blues coming out in every song. The energy is through the roof on every track. This man continues to amaze and make some of the best music out there. Chad Smith is animal on the skins, he does a nice job complimenting Hughes’ one of a kind bass playing and hats off to J.J. Marsh with his dynamite guitar licks, the dude rocks from start to finish (with the exception of the title track).

    If you are in search of high-energy non-stop music that rocks, I have just the fix for you. There is plenty of reason for celebration due to the release of this milestone blues-rock recording. This is a career-defining album that will receive plenty of attention, one of the best rock albums you will hear in 2005. Trust me; I only say this about 10 times a year, so pay attention. Just as Hughes sings on "Change Yourself", "Nothing last forever but the soul". Feed your need; fill the hole inside with the music. Glenn Hughes is most definitely a Soul Mover and one listen to his new album is proof positive of that fact.

    - Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

    01. Soul Mover
    02. She Moves Ghostly
    03. High Road
    04. Orion
    05. Change Yourself
    06. Let It Go
    07. Dark Star
    08. Isolation
    09. Land of the Living
    10. Miss Little Insane
    11. Last Mistake
    12. Don't Let Me Bleed

    Glenn Hughes: All vocals & bass
    Chad Smith: drums, percussion, pots & pans, Screamin’ & Yellin’
    JJ Marsh: Guitar
    Dave Navarro: Lead Guitar on "Soul Mover"/ Guitar Intro on "She Moves Ghostly"

  • Ok Soul Mover after a few months....I finally get it now....It's brilliant I'm playing it every week....I think it's taking me longer to get into it because I call it the "Everything but the kitchen sink album" . It's got so much that it was hard to take it all in at first. But it's great..I even listen to Orion now and like it....Just towards the end though I think it goes on a bit too long and the guitar solo is JJ's second worst ever (after Miss Little Insane) but both were done on purpose. But now definitely I like the song. The drums sound just like they did at the DVD shoot, he must be set up on the same stage at the same spot and miked the same because I remember them sounding exactly like this. (I remember because I haven't seen the DVD and won't until they fix it.) Chad's drums just have that thunder and echo a signature sound...Fantastic. The songs are great. The only complaint is I don't think JJ's guitar sound is as good as the last album. Jeff Kollman being a guitar player nailed it...he knew how to record a guitar. His playing is great...I'm amazed Glenn can come up with this stuff album after album...singing great also and great bass playing.....I'm still waiting to hear something from Ed Roth like I did from Hans and Vince...that killer hard to play intro like Angela or On The Ledge, that smoke your ears off keyboard solo like on Missed Your Name. When do we get it Glenn? He has nice sounds and textures like the soft Rhodes playing.
    Thumbs up everybody!


  • Oh and another thing.....every song on this album is worth listening to and is fillers at all! The album flows together well and right now I'm listening to it almost every time I'm in my car (where I do 99 percent of my music listening.) Five stars!***** :):clapper: :claphands :bouncer:


  • I am ashamed to say i havent listened to this album yet :( i have it at home, Shirl kindly sent it to me a little while ago, but im still at uni, i dont go home for another two weeks, fourteen whole days, altho, this time in a fortnight, i shall just be arriving home, providing traffic is okay, ill say a quick hello to the dog, i miss her, forget about my sister, i talk to her on the phone, and straight up to my room to listen to it. I may make some time to get my stuff out of the car, and maybe get something to eat, i dont like service station food, but ill be spending the next few hours listening to it, no doubt it will be on repeat! I cant wait!

  • Here's an audio review from Australia by some musicians, bass players to be exact! Review, comments and soundbytes from Soul Mover are included throughout. There's even a small special on the Chili Peppers at the end, which I kept in. But no worries :p it concludes with a song from Soul Mover :)

    There's also a mention of Fused for good measure :cool:

    It's 'kinda Wayne 'n Garth in places, but an enjoyable listen all the same :D

  • Here's another great review - this time from Apple's iTunes Music Store.

    They just announced this week that they now have over 2 million songs available for purchase - in addition, they have just started posting reviews for the albums the songs belong to - only 1,000 so far, but guess what - GLENN HUGHES / Soul Mover is one of them :thumbup:

    Great stuff :cool:

  • Some of you may have come across this already, but I've only just noticed (!!) that in Apple's USA iTunes Store, the song "Soul Mover" on it's edition of the USA release, is in fact, the "unreleased" mix that GLENN was asked about during his and Chad Smith's interview on the 2005 Rockline radio programme!

    It has a different intro and subtle changes in guitar riffs and it's run-time is 5:35 vs the USA & European and other CD releases of the song, which clock in at 4:22.

    Take a listen to the attached snippet to see what I mean.

    Anyway, if it's something you don't have already, you can buy just this song, very easily, for only 99 cents
    over at the USA iTunes Store :cool:

  • It has a different intro and subtle changes in guitar riffs and it's run-time is 5:35 vs the USA & European and other CD releases of the song, which clock in at 4:22.

    Oh yes, I much prefer this version - I think it works well when listening to the album as a whole, but not necessarily as the 'single' track.

    Anyway, no matter what, a great song.

    So when are we getting a copy of the "intro remix" that Glenn did on the SM tour a couple of years ago - now that was even better :confused: :cool: :D

  • Good question Paul !! :)

    That intro during the SM tour was the best. A great build-up to what you were about to witness....a wonderful show by Big Daddy.

    I guess in the meantime we'll have to make do with listening to that intro on some of the SM boots.


  • I'm a little lost here, please help me out:

    Do I get this alternative version of Soul Mover when I buy a hard copy of the US- Sanctuary release (which I can) or only when I buy the song at iTunes USA (which I can't)?
    Thanks for the help!


    That'd mean after buying the Euro-release and with the Japanese and Aussie releases still on my list, I'd have to put the US-version on the list too... :eek:

  • I'm a little lost here, please help me out:

    Do I get this alternative version of Soul Mover when I buy a hard copy of the US- Sanctuary release (which I can) or only when I buy the song at iTunes USA (which I can't)?

    Christian - no, the CD hardcopy USA/Sanctuary release does not have this rendition of the song on it - I just noticed that Apple's iTunes (USA) Store, in fact, does - despite it being suposedly the same album! Read....someone screwed up at Sanctuary to our benefit :D It appears to be an iTunes thing only.

    When you play the "preview" clip there, it starts from the intro at the beginning of the song and not in the middle of the song. I came across this by complete accident the other day, when testing out their new Wi-Fi Music Store on Shirean's iPhone :eek:

    You can try using the link posted in my earlier message, to trace which actual album it is and see if it's in the European or whatever iTunes Store you normally purchase from. The USA Store has 3 different versions of the album, "Soul Mover", so the one I discoverd it on is one of those.

    The USA album is the one with the "different" cover (no red starburst behind the text)!

    As it's so cheap to buy one song, you could always take a chance and get that first track, assuming your country's Store doesn't play the preview from the beginning of the song!

    Good luck and let us know how you get on :cool:

  • In all my glee over the last few albums...I pulled out Soul Mover and put my surround sound system on vol

    I AM BLOWN AWAY AGAIN :thumbup: :clapper:

    I get so into the new stuff sometimes I forget to go back to any of the old discography, and it strikes me everytime that I could make it on a desert island with Glenn's discography (maybe with a little EJ and Trower and easily.

  • Well I gotta make the 10 post limit - I bought this when it was released, surprise surprise, I like it. Damn good release :) I would be happy to recommend this to all.

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