Confirmed HTP 2004 Euro Dates...

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    The line-up for the tour is:

    Glenn Hughes - Bass & Vocals
    Joe Lynn Turner - Vocals
    JJ Marsh - Guitar
    Tomas Broman - Drums
    Kjell Haakan Alexis Haraldsson - Keyboards

    Monday, February 23rd "Heroes Of Rock" Festival, Moscow - Russia
    Wednesday, February 25th Ufa, Russia
    Thursday, February 26th Chelyabinsk, Russia
    Saturday, February 28th Saklikent, Ankara - Turkey - Updated
    Sunday, February 29th Maslak, Istanbul - Turkey - Updated
    Monday, March 1st Rodon, Athens - Greece
    Tuesday, March 2nd Pele Axiou, Thessaloniki - Greece
    Thursday, March 4th Macumba, Madrid - Spain - Updated
    Friday, March 5th Bikini, Barcelona - Spain - Updated
    Saturday, March 6th Artsaia, Pamplona - Spain
    Monday, March 8th Motion, Bergamo - Italy
    Tuesday, March 9th Ohrakel, Ingolstadt - Germany
    Thursday, March 11th Z7, Pratteln - Switzerland
    Friday, March 12th Orpheum, Graz - Austria
    Saturday, March 13th Planet Music, Wien - Austria
    Sunday, March 14th Rockhouse, Salzburg - Austria
    Tuesday, March 16th Wigwam, Budapest - Hungary
    Wednesday, March 17th PKO, Nitra - Slovakia - Updated
    Thursday, March 18th Kulturni dum, Liberac - Czech Republic
    Friday, March 19th Golem Club, Zlin - Czech Republic
    Sunday, March 21st Zeche, Bochum - Germany
    Tuesday, March 23rd Blues Garage, Hannover - Germany
    Wednesday, March 24th Pumpehuset, Copenhagen - Denmark
    Friday, March 26th Blå, Eskilstuna - Sweden
    Saturday, March 27th Stora Teatern, Gothenburg - Sweden
    Sunday, March 28th Klubben, Stockholm - Sweden
    Tuesday, March 30th Nosturi, Helsinki - Finland
    Thursday, April 1st Bolanche, Borlange - Sweden
    Friday, April 2nd Prisma, Vasterås - Sweden * Change of City/Venue *
    Saturday, April 3rd Planet Rock, Jonkoping - Sweden
    Sunday, April 4th Fabrik, Hamburg - Germany
    Tuesday, April 6th Rios, Bradford - England
    Wednesday, April 7th JB's, Dudley - England
    Thursday, April 8th Mean Fiddler, London - England

  • Wow! I hope Glenn's preparing the ol' vocal cords! This will likely be a test that the throat hasn't been through in a long, long time!

    Great News! Great exposure- Good Luck Joe and Glenn!

  • Ho Hum - no Scottish date

    Bradford is tempting, but a 3+ hour drive each way is not my idea of fun.

    Chris Spencer - are you thinking of travelling down?

    Weissheim (formerly Artemis999)

  • Three hours? That's nothing. How can you NOT make the trip? Chip and I drove four hours to the Coach House gig, then another seven up to Brookdale, then another eight back home. Three hours isn't even enough time to have to stop for lunch or a restroom break.


  • Well, what a surprise, nothing north of Bradford eh, not even Newcastle,
    a well know rock town/ city.

    Todd - you obviously havent travelled on UK
    roads as u wont know that a 3 - 4 hour journey might only take in 100 miles !!!!!!!

    very,very,very disappointed......
    , another opportunity lost for G to make in roads in the UK following Legends tour.

    If the dates were a weekend then I might just take the chance, but weekdays, gotta work.

    (Weissheim - e amil me)

  • I,m just glad that there is a show in the North and Bradford is a great venue. I saw Glenn recently at the Rio and HTP previously at JB's and much prefer Bradford. Looking forward to the gig

  • I just looked over the tour dates..Glenn and Joe are gonna be busting their butts on this European tour!! More power to them!! And to all you folks in the UK..I know you all would love more shows there...I am envious! Have a pint or two for me!!

    As for the travel issue; the highways in the US largely skirt the large cities and most small towns which accounts for the fact that you can cover large distances in a relatively short time. I think that we take that fact for granted..and that Todd was not playing the part of the "Ugly American"

    I am thrilled that Glenn and Joe are getting this exposure around the if the promoters here in the States would wake up and realize what a powerhouse duo we have and make it possible for HTP to play some shows here in the USA!

    Hey..I can dream..can't I?

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill Redford

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • quote:
    Originally posted by captmidnite1962:

    I am thrilled that Glenn and Joe are getting this exposure around the if the promoters here in the States would wake up and realize what a powerhouse duo we have and make it possible for HTP to play some shows here in the USA!

    Hey..I can dream..can't I?

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill Redford

    I'm right with you there! I would so love to see that many US dates posted for them myself.


  • Chris et al. I was just on MTM's site and at the end of the tour list showing London as the last says "More shows in UK soon ... check out for updates!"

    Perhaps there's more coming?

  • Aye right Paul....ever heard or seen a flying pig ?

    (Pink Floyd's Animals cover being the exception)

    Have got more chance of winning the Lottery.

  • Keeping my fingers crossed for more dates...

    Someone on the Deep Purple Forum has phoned Bradford Rios and been told that Rios know nothing about the gig, and furthermore that Rios only have gigs on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays???

    Chris - I'll email you tonight.


  • Chris, you're right. I haven't ever travelled the roads in the UK. But if it's a three or four hour drive each way, big deal.

    Now, if it's 3 or 4 hours to get 100 kilometers, and the gig is some 400 kilometers away - then yes, that's a big deal


  • HeY Guys--
    Would absolutely LOVE to see HTP in the UK. Never been to Europe before, and it's Kenny's birthday. What an awesome present!!!
    We had an awesome time at the DVD shoot -- we miss everybody!! Met so many nice people, we hope to see you all again... Hey Capt'!!! Email me, I have your GH CD's that you left in the rental car!!!!

  • They're of excellent quality! Thanks David - yet another chance to hear Mistreated and a reminder of how good JLT is too! Wonder who Tom decided to speak to on his mobile? :lol:

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • :thumbup: Thanks a lot for the superb videos, David!!!

    Last summer I saw JLT live with Brazen Abbot in Bulgaria. He was in perfect form, singing for more than 2 hours Deep Purple, Rainbow & Brazen Abbot songs!! :clapper:

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