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  • Hi. I was a Deep Purple fan in the late 70s, which was the time I was first getting into music. While I bought all the studio CDs for MK III and MK IV DP, I know very little of what Glenn has done outside DP, and don't think I've ever heard a non-DP Glenn track. I always liked Glenn's voice more than David Coverdale's. In fact, I bought a copy of DC's album _Whitesnake_ thinking that it was him that had Glenn's voice! I was young at the time... Though once I got over the surprise :) I did like that album, so that wasn't a disaster.

    I've always been curious about what Glenn has done outside DP, but haven't really followed through. Recently I dug out _Burn_ and _Come and Taste the Band_, and have been listening to them a lot. (Will dig out _Stormbringer_ soon). I do remember once seeing a GH CD in a record shop, but it was sealed and I couldn't hear it.

    Now with the net, it's easy for me to hear lots of GH samples. However, I'd like to ask if people could recommend which albums I should listen to first. I keep seeing reviews suggesting that much of GH's solo music is funk rather than rock. That isn't such a problem as I'm not averse to funk. The songwriting quality is of most important. So, which GH albums have the best songs?

    As a wild indication of what I might like, my three favourite DP tracks from the later DP period are "Gettin' Tighter", "This Time Around", and "Sail Away".

    In case people are wondering why I don't start listening to track samples at random, there have been cases in the past where I've been put off artists for years by listening to the "wrong" songs first.

    Any pointers?



  • Hi Ross,

    welcome aboard,

    here are some suggestions

    1) addiction (imho the best he has ever done, sounds a bit like stone temple pilots, but then good)

    2) all the stuff from TRAPEZE

    3) The way it is

    and surely not to forget his latest SOULMOVER (i haven't heard it yet, but according to the reviews it is just your tast!!!)

    stay funky

  • Hi Ross,

    Welcome to the site! To be honest, Glenn has woven such a rich tapestry of session and solo material since his days in Purple, that it's hard to say concretely where you should begin, but here would be a few of the recommended highlights:

    Glenn Hughes: Play Me Out (1977) - The first solo album. Described by Glenn as the purest GH album. A funk/soul masterpiece.

    Hughes/Thrall: S/T (1982) - A melodic rock classic from this one-off pairing of Glenn's with guitarist Pat Thrall.

    Phenomena: S/T (1985) - A breathtaking collection of atmospheric melodic rock from the first of Tom Galley's Phenomena series.

    Black Sabbath: Seventh Star (1986) - The classic first collaboration between Tony Iommi and Glenn Hughes. Very strong album.

    Glenn Hughes: From Now On (1994) - The comeback album. Glenn's first real solo effort after cleaning up. An excellent record.

    Glenn Hughes: Feel (1995) - Rock, Jazz, Funk and Soul. It's all here. Easily Glenn's most diverse album ever.

    Glenn Hughes: Building The Machine (2001) - Rock solid album, with a near-perfect blend of rock and funk.

    Glenn Hughes: Songs In The Key of Rock (2003) - Another tight album. Easily Glenn's most Purple sounding solo album.

    Glenn Hughes: Soulfully Live from the City of Angels (2004) - Passionate live versions of songs spanning Glenn's career. Essential.

    Understand, Ross, that I'm not saying that you shouldn't check out the rest of Glenn's work from his pre-Purple days in Trapeze through today, (see a complete discography here, I'm just saying that these albums would be excellent places to start.

    Enjoy it all, and do let us know what you end up checking out. :)


    -Marc Fevre

  • First, let me say that Marc has assembled a pretty good description of Glenn's solo catalog. Here are a few comments I'd like to add.

    For as much as people rave about PLAY ME OUT, it does little for me. If PLAY ME OUT was the first thing I ever heard by Glenn, I don't know that I'd be here on this forum today. It has a moment or two, but that's it.

    HUGHES/THRALL is a masterwork of hard, sometimes funky, rock. The songs and the chops are there. Great stuff.

    BLUES features some great vocal work by Glenn, but not very convincing blues playing by the guests who round out the album. What else would you expect from the likes of Mick Mars, Warren DeMartini, etc?

    FROM NOW ON is genius. Glenn is on fire, the songs are top notch, and the band is made up of the members of Europe. Lots of different sounds here, and a couple great reworkings of Burn and You Keep on Moving.

    FEEL is the most funky of Glenn's modern records. You can definitely hear the influence of Stevie Wonder, whose song Maybe Your Baby is covered. The great Pat Thrall contributes to the record, as well.

    ADDICTION is Glenn's darkest, and heaviest, record. It also contains some of the greatest vocals Glenn has recorded - Talk About It, I Don't Want to Live That Way Again and Blue Jade. Marc Bonilla is a very creative sounding board for Glenn, and I'd love to see those two work together again!

    RETURN OF CRYSTAL KARMA and BUILDING THE MACHINE both have some nice moments, but to be honest these two records are the least played of Glenn's (along with BLUES) in my house. I can't really explain why, although I should point out that one of my favorite Hughes songs, "I Will Follow You", is on BUILDING THE MACHINE.

    THE WAY IT IS is one of my favorite GH albums. There are moments that remind me of Gary Moore ("Too Far Gone"), a bit of Hendrix-y funk ("Freedom"), and the killer submarine-pinging title track. Glenn even goes a bit techno with "Stoned in the Temple"!

    SONGS IN THE KEY OF ROCK is worth it for the song "Written All Over Your Face" alone. Enough said.

    SOULFULLY LIVE IN THE CITY OF ANGELS. I was there, so of course I'll recommend it. How can you go wrong with a stellar performance by GH, guitarist JJ Marsh, Red Hot Chili Pepper drummer Chad Smith, etc? My only gripe is it needs to encompass as many songs as BURNING JAPAN LIVE, which is also highly recommended!

    For a blast of keyboard-dominated melodic rock and some of Glenn's most effortless-sounding vocals, check out PHENOMENA. It's out of this world - literally!

    For a blast of guitar-dominated Euro-metal, check out John Norum's FACE THE TRUTH album. Glenn sings almost all of the vocals, and it's a harder step in the direction that some of Glenn's work with GARY MOORE leaned.

    For a raw, but passionate, tribute to Glenn's fallen Purple comrade Tommy Bolin, check out the 1997 Tribute CD to Tommy Bolin, featuring Glenn Hughes, Johnnie Bolin and friends.

    And that's just the tip of the iceberg, my friend...


  • Welcome to the "GH Crazy People" factory, Ross.

    You MIGHT want to try one of the three compilation albums:

    The God of Voice - The Best of Glenn Hughes (1998)
    Different Stages - The best of Glenn Hughes (2002)
    Glenn Hughes' Greatest Hits (around 1996?)

    But for the sheer enjoyment of it, I would recommend
    "Burning Japan Live." (The Japanese version, rather than
    the European one, has 3 or 4 extra songs on it. )
    I think this would give you a good idea of Glenn's work from
    his Purple days until 1994, when this concert was recorded.

    I think the "purest" GH (for a newcomer) is "Incense and
    Peaches" released by Glenn personally, from his (shoebox
    in the closet) vault.

    Love Christmas music? Yep, there's "Soulful Christmas."

    You might even discover that you already have Glenn on
    some tribute albums, or as a guest soloist on somebody
    else's album.

    Check out the Discography from

    You can't go wrong, when you buy the best ! :)


    PS.......Does anybody want to tell this guy that he'll need
    10 million Euros to buy ALL of Glenn's music?

  • Hi Ross
    It's always difficult to narrow down Glenn's music to just one or two recommendations because he has music to suit all moods or tastes - Grace's reference to "Soulful Christmas" being a case in point,the most played CD in this house over the festive period!!
    I started with "Play Me Out" & never looked back but any of the works listed by the other guys are fine by me!
    If you want to add more options (!!!:lol:), I can also recommend Glenn's work with Joe Lynn Turner, the Hughes Turner Project. particularly IMHO 'HTP II'.
    You'll probably have more chance of getting that at your local HMV than Glenn's solo work!!
    Good Luck & enjoy!!
    Ben (a product of Middlesex!!)

  • Hi everyone, thanks for the pointers. As requested I'll say "how I got on", but I'd like to warn people that it usually takes me a long while to warm up to new artists, and hence what I might think in a few months or so might be very different from what I write now.

    I went through a lot of the tracks from the "solo discography" section, following people's suggestions. I agree with the comments on the range of what Glenn has done. I first tried listening to tracks from _Addiction_. It was a bit of a surprise because having read about the funk and soul aspects of Glenn's work, I was concerned he might have gone a bit, erm, "softer". Without wishing to name names, I can think of a few artists who have become "record-company-style-smoothed-out". A few excerpts from _Addiction_ put that one to rest. However, there were only 30 second snippets on This was before I noticed the realplay files here.

    At first there seemed to be a range of tracks from those that were too heavy for me (e.g. tracks from _Addiction_) to a few that were a bit, erm, light. Is all of _Play me Out_ as funky as the sample track .. "LA ... something". That would have been a suuprise had I bought it when it came out expecting something similar to Purple. The track "The Way It Is" initially sounded too ... "product", but on further listening it sounds like quite a sophisticated pop song.

    From the albums I've been able to sample, there is a clear winner that I've decided to buy. And it's ... _Soul Mover_. I think it's got a good balance between the heavier tracks, and the more poppy tracks. Having a few songs with great singalong choruses such as "High Road" and "Dark Star". I can't remember which album "Angela" was on, but I remember hearing that song and thinking that it was good, but not as good as the otherwise similar _Soul Mover_ tracks as the chorus sounded less "natural". Also, I can buy (when it's released) _Soul Mover_ for 10.99 on

    From what people say the Hughes/Thrall album sounds interesting (as does a lot of the other music described), but I haven't yet found samples from it. A second listen to "Madeline" from _Addicted_ also sounded much better than the first listen, so I think that _Addicted_ could be a "grower". But, _Soul Mover_ is more immediate, should be easily available, and seems the obvious choice.



  • Trust us all, Ross.

    You'll get Soul Mover and then start working back through the whole catalogue!
    They all have something special to offer. Just take out a loan and get the lot!


    (My recommendation - get Songs In The Key Of Rock. As someone else said here, its worth it just for "Written All Over Your Face".)
    And then get...........and see. We can't help ourselves.;)

  • I can't add much to the great reviews everyone else has posted except to say, get a copy of "You Are the Music...We're Just the Band" by Trapeze.

    IMHO, this is where you'll hear virtually all of Glenn's initial influences and style that have been on every album he's done since.

    In fact, "Soul Mover" sounds like its going to be the YATM...WJTB, of the 2000s for Glenn. But that's just my opinion.;)

  • Quote from steve28

    Trust us all, Ross.
    Just take out a loan and get the lot.
    And then get...........and see.
    We can't help ourselves.;)

    The above statement is taken from the official
    pledge that we "Glenn Hughes Crazy People"
    make when we first start buying Glenn's music.
    (Not really, Ross. It's just a joke.)

    I love it when somebody posts their opinion,
    and puts my exact feelings, into their own words.

    Steve, you answered the man's question PERFECTLY.
    (Trust us all.......and get the lot.)
    Love it !!!!!!

  • As a postcript to this thread, after my appreciation of the song "The Way it Is" grew with a few more playings of the 3 minute realaudio excerpt, and I heard a few more bits of tracks, I have passed the point of no return and ordered the CD. I was hoping for something a little heavier for my first GH purchase, but then I've got nothing against quality pop/soul music (I have Erasure CDs on the desk in front of me), TWII sounds good, and it's a while until the 25th.



  • I'm a fairly new Glenn Hughes fan too and in a span of about 8 months, I've already picked up...

    Live In South America
    Building The Machine
    Soulfully Live In The City Of Angels
    Songs In The Key Of Rock

    Addiction and Building The Machine are my favorites but I really like Soulfully Live too, Chad Smith and Glenn Hughes are a perfect fit together!
    I am hooked now. I would have all of the albums if his music wasnt so hard to get around here. I've Pre-Ordered Soul Mover, and have 3 or 4 others on order but that could take ages to arrive.

    Anyways. I havent posted much here, but I've been registered for awhile and browse through here on most days. I hope Glenn Tours North America this year!! Not just the west coast!!

  • Welcome to the GH board, Lost.

    So I guess I'll make 3 recommendations to you:
    1. If you print out Glenn's 4 page Discbiography from
    you can take it to a record store and show the list to
    the manager and ask, "Watcha' got?"
    You'll be able to check the CD's off, as you get them.
    2. Looks like you are perfectly situated to patrol the Ontario
    Airport. If Glenn takes the northern route for the big
    European'll have a "Canadian Airport Concert!"
    3. Why not post which of Glenn's CD's you are particularly
    having trouble finding......maybe some of us can help out.

    Meanwhile....enjoy the music!!!

  • In my opinion "The Way It Is" is his strongest album. There`s only hits on it.

    But there`s one thing for sure: once you tasted the music of GH - there`ll be no stopping anymore - He is The Voice Of Rock!!!

  • Hello,

    I would recommend the following ones:

    1) Burning Japan Live: A great way to get into Glenn´s music. You´ll hear the updated versions of Purple classics like Burn and Gettin´Tighter and get to know Glenn´s own music from Hughes and Thrall to From Now On. I think the only bad things here are the songs of From Now On. Definetly not the best Hughes around.

    Anyway, on this record Glenn is in top shape and the band is great. Loveable!

    2) Songs Into The Key Of Rock and Building The Machine:

    Glenn is back on hard rock here. Well, he has always been pretty heavy, but Building the Machine has few REALLY pumping action tracks, like Can´t Stop The Flood and Inside (... that´s the name I guess). The sounds are great and you can also hear new version of Purple´s High Ball Shooter.

    SITKOR is very much 70´s like and that´s what Glenn wanted to do with this piece, as he has mentioned. Opening track In My Blood is very powerful, Higher Places is almost a masterpiece with Zeppelin kinda drumming and Corageous is a wonderful "hippie" song with cathcy chorus.

    The sounds are somewhat muddy but I love them anyway!

    3) Blues

    This one is different. Glenn started with this and you can hear his enthusiasm and sadness and pain and... All the feelings you can have when you start all over again and look in the past. This is not TOO much bluesy, anway.

    I love all Glenn´s records. From Now On is pretty poppy. The songs aren´t too strong but there´s one real classic here: If You Don´t Want Me To. Really cheesy and smooth love song...That could mean something boring but I think this one is really something.

    Feel is a mix of many styles. Some might keep it as a strength but to me it´s not. Songs and players are good but on the whole this album makes me feel pretty confused. Glenn´s version of Stevie Wonder´s Maybe Your Baby isn´t that great, either.

    Addiction is one of my personal favorites. Songs are strong and the overall sound is great. I also like Marc Bonilla´s influence here.

    The Way It Is is a pretty smooth album, but some songs just don´t do it right. This one is trying to be something what Glenn really isn´t.

    Return Of Crystal Karma is maybe Glenn´s worse album of the 90´s. Few good songs and nice riffs but... somethings missing. Don´t like the overall sound either.




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