Seventh Star - Favourite songs?

  • I posted in this thread a couple of years ago. My favorite before then, then, and still, is "Heart Like a Wheel". Which, by the way, is still the top vote getter at the beginning of this thread :)
    "You say you don't love me. You say you don't care, but don't leave me standing here".

  • This album is so underrated, and overlooked, due to the 'Iommi' solo tage, and bad promotion. In spite of Glenn being in bad physical shape at the time, his vocals are great, and there isn't a dud on this album. I actually listen to this more than the Dio albums or anything post Hughes in Black Sabbath. It's heavy but still very melodic. This album is much better than the last album Hughes did with Iommi a few years ago, which just sounded like every song recycled the riffs from the previous one.

  • I love this Album! all the songs are tremendous and Glenn's singing is mindblowing. I ended up voting for "in for the kill", I luv how Glenn sings on the backbeat in the end of the song :singer:

    see ya :thumbup:

  • For me is Seventh Star one of the best albums ever made. On the same level as Burn, Stormbringer and Come Taste The Band. These three Deep Purple albums together with Sabbath's Seventh Star, belong to the Upper High Class HardRock Standard. Superb!

    These four albums are featuring Glenn in absolute top form. And an absolute top album only contains good songs. Seventh Star is from beginning to end Glenntastic.

    For the poll I picked In for the kill,for the enormous power of that song. Timeless! Also a big thanx to riffmeister Tony and drumbeast Eric Singer!

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