Why not Glenn?

  • Queen to tour U.K. in spring 2005 with Paul Rodgers as vocalist!!! - I can only assume that Glenn has already turned this down!

    Stay Fun(ky)

  • Paul is an amazing vocalist and a great performer, but I also have to think that Glenn, and his incredible range would have suited the Queen spot a bit more faithfully than Mr. Rodgers. But maybe it was all about the chemistry.:singer:

  • I know that Paul Rogers is a fantastic vocalist, but I still think they would have been better with JSS. It seems a little unfair not to offer it to Jeff as he has done such great work with Brian, Roger and Spike before now. I know he says it doesn't bother him and he wasn't waiting at home for the phone to ring, but it bothers me!

    Still, I for one will be trying to get tickets as soon as it's announced.
    Not even Christmas and we've got Glenn, Styx, Kansas, Motley Crue and now Queen with Paul Rogers to look forward to. Looks like 2005 is going to be a hell of a year!

  • Interesting that Paul Rogers was once considered to step into Deep Purple in replacing Ian Gillan. Blackmore once told in an interview that PR was on of their first choices but as we all know...it didn´t work out in the end.

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  • I think Glenn should perhaps be considered as the bass player/joint vocalist for Queen, but can't see Mr Rodgers agreeing to that. Or perhaps they have dismissed Glenn after hearing his version of Killer Queen...let's be honest that isn't very good is it? ;)

  • God no, that was awful! "Get Down, Make Love" was pretty good, from the 'Dragon Attack' disc. But I still don't think Glenn is suited for Queen at all.


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