The Holidays are Coming, The Holidays are Coming!!

  • Hi all
    Apart from Glenn's album , can anyone recommend any Christmas/Holiday music so that I can avoid listening to this year's "Now that What I Call (recycled) Xmas (pap)".You know,same songs,different cover!
    I'm looking for something in the Rock and/or Soul vein & would appreciate your suggestions.
    Have a great time,everyone!
    Ben :biggrinsa


    Ben !!

  • You mean besides "Soulful Christmas" of course!!!!!
    Well, for my taste, you couldn't do better than the all-instrumental:

    "A Guitar Christmas"
    "More Guitars for Christmas."

    (Notice a pattern, here. Ha, ha.)
    Lots of different guitarists, lots of different styles;
    some are religious Christmas songs, some are not.
    But if you like rock and you like Christmas, then this album is for you.
    I hope that you'll enjoy listening to it!!!!!


  • I recommend Jethro Tull's "Christmas Album". If your into Tull that is.

    It was reissued this year in limited quantities with a bonus dvd that has four selections off of their 2002 dvd, Living With The Past.



  • Hey Grace,

    that sounds extremly interesting! Is that CD or are those Cd´s available at or elsewhere? Would also imagine these as a special christmas gift! Better than George Strait......
    But...I have to confess.....I´m a true Martina McBride fan...her voice is breathtaking, no matter what style she does. As far as I remember ...she once did also a christmas CD.
    Anyway..I wish you a merry christmas just in case that we don´t meet here again since then. Have a great one with your family and enjoy the feeling of these special days!

    cheers, Achim


  • Hi all

    Thanks for the suggestions so far, I'll try & check them out ( Great Heart website by the way,Shirean.)
    Grace, I've come across "Merry Axemas" vols 1 & 2 ,since my original post - are these the same as a "Guitar Christmas", I wonder? Features people like Joe Satriani doing Silent Night & Steve Morse "Joy to the World".
    Thanks again
    Ben :biggrinsa…eate/extension/


    Ben !!

  • That's it, Ben. I'm sorry I confused you......
    I didn't have the album right in front of me.

    The titles of both these albums are both:
    "Merry Axmas - A Guitar Christmas"
    "Merry Axmas - More Guitars for Christmas"
    (Imagine......ME.....getting mixed up over AXES!!!) :lol:

    It has a cartoon drawing on the cover, of guitars
    hanging from the mantle, instead of stockings,
    and a pile of guitars burning in the fireplace.

    I've had these two albums for 2 or 3 years,
    but they usually re-issue Christmas albums each year,
    so I assume that they're still available.

    The nice part is that you can set you CD player's memory,
    and have only religious songs, or set it for "party-mode"
    (Jingle Bells, Rudolph, etc). They also have "Christmas
    Time is Here" from the Charlie Brown Christmas cartoon,
    done as smooth jazz. Very nicely done.

    Now that I've recommended them, I hope that you'll
    all be able to get can play the tracks loud,
    or softly......a great mixture. Either album #1 or #2.

    Hey goes without saying, that I hope that all of our GHCP's
    (depending who celebrates what) will have a lovely holiday season.




  • PS, Achim.........I just checked, and both of these two
    "Merry Axemas" albums are available on

    Read the other reviews that are posted there,
    and I hope that you'll enjoy whatever album/s you get.

    Have a Merry Christmas!


  • How kind of you to give me that compliment!

    HEY SANTA.......notice how "nice" this guy is being,
    and just a week before Christmas, too :lol:

    Well, Achim, as I frequently tell my two daughters,
    "If I ever get a tattoo (never) it will say...What goes around,
    comes around." So I was glad to share the information with
    you about those 2 albums. You don't have to stop listening
    to them on December 26th, because great guitar instrumentals
    are still great guitar instrumentals, any time of year.

    Although computers, and e-mails, and websites are now
    commonplace, it still amazes me that we GHCP's are located
    all over the world, and can become friends because of our
    high standards in music......namely Glenn Hughes!!!

    When I have some liebekuchen (spelling?) I'll think of you!!!!!
    "Merry Axemas" and Merry Christmas,


    PS..........Ben - I know what you mean about listening to horrible
    Christmas songs. So help me, if I go into one more store and am
    forced to listen to Brenda Lee sing "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree"
    one more time, I will be forced to kill somebody with my "Christmas AXE!!!!!"…eate/extension/


  • 10 years on............what can anyone recommend now? :)

    Not Christmassy albums but here's a few things i got this year and really enjoyed , although not necessarily released this year and in no particular order:

    Shawn Smith - Kid Bakersfield
    Cheap Trick - Sex America (4-cd box set)
    Hendrix - First Rays of the New Rising Sun
    Rival Sons - Great Western Valkyrie
    Marc Bonilla - EE Ticket
    Captain Beyond - Captain Beyond
    Gamma - 2
    Shawn Smith - Mission: "Electric" Live 04
    Trapeze - Hot Wire Demos

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

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