• As everyone else, I am extremely excited about the new "Soul Mover" album. From the sound samples I've heard, it's sure to be one of Glenn's best efforts yet.

    Out of all the projects that Glenn has been involved with, the one I've always looked forward to the most is the Hughes/Thrall re-union. So what Happened??? :huh:

    Glenn & Pat are majical together. And I'm sure that any material that comes out of those two now would not only be a blessing for all of Glenn's fans, but would also prove to be "accessible" to the masses as far as possible radio airplay and popularity.

    Please Glenn :bow: get this project done. IMHO, the benefits will be amazing.

  • Not sure about H/T 2, but it looks like we'll be getting the remastered debut release soon according to the official site. Look forward to seeing that - I thought the masters were destroyed some years ago? Guess they found them or a good copy at least!

  • Yeah Paul....looks like the cat's out of the bag on that one :D

    We'll have further info closer to release time. It's being put together by former Kerrang! rock journalists, Derek Oliver and Dante Bonutto, who last year started up a new UK based record label dedicated to detailed re-issues of vintage hard rock and AOR classics from the '70s, '80s and '90s - Rock Candy Records. You can also hear them over at where they also host a broadcast, coincidentally titled, Rock Candy, each Sunday & Monday nights!!

    More soon :cool:

  • From
    According to a posting on legendary vocalist/bassist Glenn Hughes' (DEEP PURPLE, BLACK SABBATH) official web site, Hughes' classic 1982 collaboration with guitarist Pat Thrall, entitled "Hughes/Thrall", is likely to be reissued later this year. The unique blend of pop and rock is currently being prepared for a May release via the British label Rock Candy Records. Rumor has it that the remastered album will contain some previously unreleased music as well.

    "Hughes Thrall", acknowledged as one of the finest albums of Hughes' career, was released on Boulevard Records in 1982, toppping the U.S. import charts before being issued in the U.K. on Epic in January 1983.

  • David, i thought Glenn said the original masters were missing.

    or am i thinking of the "Warner Bros" album?

    If not, then it definately needs a remix rather than just a remaster. This is one of THE all time great albums - never mind the fact that Glenn is on it.

  • It's a remaster wolfysmith. Yes, the original Sony 2" tapes have long been lost, so they're using the 1/2" production masters which were stored in the UK. I've been told and I quote..."you'll be blown away, it's spectacular".

    Glenn and Pat are working closely with Rock Candy Records, so expect some surprises! So it's all legite and something I'm eagerly awaiting to hear, when it comes out just before the Summer :cool:

  • I hope the remaster comes with a bonus cd containing the demos from Hughes and Thrall II (The old ones and the new ones)

  • David, to this day im still "Blown away" by it!
    Still gets a regular blast.
    I really hope Glenn's bass playing gets more clarity. Hold Out Your Life really pumps along.

    And yes Martial, lets get those other tracks on - City Of Crime, from that Tom Hanks film whose name escapes me for the minute, should be on at least.

  • The fact they're got together to do this is quite an achievement in my book! Perhaps they're waiting to see how the remaster goes.....afterall, a new album release still needs promotion, distribution etc. And how things are in the music business right now, I doubt it would be given much priority.

    Even back in 1981/82 when they were shopping the original release they had a very hard time in getting a deal. And as for touring, there was hardly any money at all and their original tour plans were cut short quite severely because of it.

    Hopefully it'll be different this time, but don't hold your breath - we all know how the business is today!

  • the original lp is quite short in time terms so there would be plenty of room to add the already recorded HT2 tracks onto it. Glenn always says Pat is too busy to do more songs so a second full album will be a long time away if at all.

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