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    January 24th, 2005 will mark the European release on Frontiers Records of Glenn Hughes' new solo album called Soul Mover.

    Soul Mover was recorded live at Sound Image Studios in Los Angeles in the Spring of 2004 and features Red Hot Chili Pepper's Chad Smith on drums, JJ Marsh on guitar and Ed Roth on keyboards. The album also features ex-Chili Peppers and Jane's Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro on the title track.

    GLENN says: "It is the most fulfilling album I have recorded in my whole career and will blow many of you away...", explaining furthermore: "Chad and I wanted an organic feel as it was necessary to capture the emotion that can only happen when all of us are playing live in the same room together. We were in a semi-circle with the amps bleeding a little into the drums just as I used to record when I first started playing".


    Full tracklisting is as follows:

    Soul Mover (click attachment below), She Moves Ghostly (click attachment below), Change Yourself, High Road (click attachment below), Let It Go, Dark Star, Miss Little Insane, Land of the Living, Isolation, Last Mistake, Orion, Don't Let Me Bleed - Soul Mover (video).

    January 24th, 2005: a musical and vocal extravaganza of the highest order.


  • Hi David

    Thanks for the clips/pics..................can't wait for the album; something great to look forward to in the New Year!!!:clapper::thumbup::D

    And, of course the 'revised' tour!

  • :claphands :thumbup: :clapper:

    It really blew me away!! The titletrack reminded me a lot of the "addiction" vibe. The mixture of heavy rock, funky riffs and soul is not to compare with anything else on the market. Can´t await this masterpiece!

    cheers, Achim

  • "High Road" sounds great. That is the funky music I have been waiting for. The other two songs are pretty good, too. The samples inspired me to put "Feel" in my cd player.

  • WOW!!! This is what music is all about! Now bring on the end of january, i can hardly wait to get my hands on this cd.

    Sounds like Glenn and the boys have had a real blast recording this.

    The riff on Soul Mover is simply ..................great! :)

  • I just posted this same reply... but it's worth repeating... And it is CORNY!!! as I listened to the Tracks I thought This must be the best sound... untill the next... and next... Cant wait till!!!! sounds like its going to be some Year!!! more Tony.. and TOUR.... Looking for any NY dates!!! or close...New Jersey anyone?

  • Moikka!

    Yes - those clips sounds really, really, really good! Glenn continues to deliver gems. To my ears those clips sound like SITKOR, but with even funkier, groovier edge...very good stuff indeed!

    The 1996 Dep Sessions CD is still in my CD I can wait... :) :) :) :)

    T :) :bouncer::bouncer::bouncer::bouncer:

  • WOW!!! Each of Glenn's recent cds climb closer and closer to what alot of us have been waiting for. Each release gives us more and more of a tease of the funk. These clips show what a great promise the new cd has. To heck with anticipating the holidays. Bring on the end of January and Glenn's new cd!!!


  • soulmovergroupshot.jpg

    Here are some more soundbytes from the soon to be released, Soul Mover. You can also now find the full track listing and even a link to all the pictures featured in the CD by visiting this link. Enjoy :cool:

  • Thanks to David for providing these great infos and clips!! It´s definitely hard to pick up a single track as a highlight....I love em all!!!!!!!! But the percussion section in "She moves Ghostly" is mindblowing....almost Santana-like ... :)

    Soundwise this CD is the closest production to the vintage 70´s sound that he ever did, awesome!

    Musically, I have still the impression that this CD reminds me a lot of "Addiction" but with a bit of the funk feeling of the "Feel" album, maybe the perfect compromise!

    I love the bass intro to "Change yourself" which highlights Glenn as an excellent bassplayer, a fact, which a lot of people do often seem to forget. I´d always loved his bass playing very much.

    This album definitely got balls! For me, christmas time will be at the end of January 2005!

    Well done, Glenn! Another masterpiece on my shelf! Congrats to Joakim (mindblowing Hendrix-like intro to "Land of the Living"), as always you did a phenomenal job, mate! Chad´s powerful drumming gives the right drive to every track!

    Glenn serves his fans like no other artist.

    God bless you,


  • great sounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :claphands once again he grows stronger cant wait to have this

  • Yeah baby :cool:

    This is the one, I know we've only got short clips to go by so far, but this sounds fantastic, a real combination of everything he has done to date and then some, with a bright modern style.

    Looking forward to hearing the full hour of music in a short few weeks.

    I just hope he can include most of these new songs in the live set, especially as it was recorded (from what I've read) as a three piece. It would seem a real shame to have to keep these in the closet :p

  • Wow...kudos to John for sharing this excellent link with us. Thanks, mate! The clips are different like the ones before and of better sound quality. Frankly, it blows me away. I have never heard an album of Glenn which got that kind of depth. The combination of lyrics and music fits in every song perfectly (as far as I could hear from these clips). I can understand Glenn saying that was his most satisfying album he has ever made. I hardly can await the late January ....
    The percussion section in "She moves ghostly" is such breathtaking ....always listening to that one again and again....

    Have a safe and peaceful weekend all,


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