Dep Sessions/Eighth Star

  • In the end, from what I've read, they didn't use Neil's parts - in fact, it's Glenn all the way through.

    You can read about it here, as described by Mike Exeter, the Engineer & Mixer of the sessions.

  • Went to see Dio the other night with my good friend Larry Briggs(as a lot of you know). Really nice to talk to him and the other members. Rudy Sarzo kicked some arse! A good match up with Dio's showmanship. A copy of Glenn's DVD and a copy of the Dep Sessions made it on the bus! (I'm not saying who-or which members carried them on!)

    Told Ronnie I haven't heard any recent rumours of a Rainbow reunion- what was the latest? "Never- not with me, never- that's it, it's not going to happen".

  • Thanks for pix Mark. Funny you should post this...the other day RJD was interviewed during a segment on 'VH1 Classic' and mentioned GLENN in reference to Black Sabbath. It was cool just to hear Glenn Hughes on the TV....doesn't happen too often.

    Hopefully that will change in the not too distant future.

  • I told Rudy Sarzo that there was an indirect reference to DIO in Glenn's little intervue on the DVD- thinking that he may be interested in the DVD with Kevin's contribution (in addition to the nice tribute to Glenn's career/discography) He said that he had not had any contact with him for quite a while (Dubro)- I only found out later in a recent intervue that they had a pretty severe falling out as they attempted a Quiet Riot reunion a while back...maybe the DVD didn't make it to the bus! From the sounds of things- I think Kevin's realationship with Glenn could be a very good thing for him, hopefully he and Rudy will someday come to terms.

  • So I guess that means that a lot of Japanese $$$'s -is what it will take to get them together again!

    I am only aware of Sarzo's side of the story- I'm sure there are two sides, but Rudy stance sounded justified.


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