Any comments of Glenn?

  • After all this controversal discussions about the DVD, dark and grainy picture, out of sync ect. it would quite interesting to hear what Glenn himself has got to say to this.
    Sure, he already expressed great satisfaction with the result but that was before it was released to the public.
    So it would interesting to hear what Glenn says to all that comments, especially to that critisism that took place but also to all the grateful and enthusiastic comments.
    Maybe David or Fedor did already receive some feedback from the master himself so far.

    Get the funk,

  • copies go to the PRESS and the artist doesn't get them right away, if AT ALL.

    In this case, Glenn's just arrived last week when he was in Russia! So at this point, he has yet to see the finished product.

    We'll be getting a comment from him directly, once he returns home and has had an opportunity to view it.

  • David, i must take issue with this point. Glenn is listed as Producer (with Fabrizio Grossi for Cosa Nostra Music) therefore i would expect him to have a big input into this. Quite frankly, i find it hard to believe that Glenn, as Producer, has not seen the finished product (or something close to it).
    I am looking forward to hearing his comments.

  • I have to agree Biggus, you rightly piont out that Glenn is listed as Producer,
    it will be very interesting to hear his comments.Even if you overlook the video quality there can be no excuses for the sync problems.

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