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  • Hi, I'm new the forum and got this question...
    It has just happened that a friend of mine (also a singer as my self)asked me to make him a greates hits cd of Glenn. That's when I realize that it's absolutly impossible to choose 74 or 80 minutes of Glenn's music without leaving excellent stuff out of it. Even more difficult because my friend told me not to leave out Glenn's guest participations. So, the question will be: what would be your choices for this cd if it is a simple cd and it covers Glenn's music from "Blues" till HTP2...By the way, I didn't like much the picks of the Different stages cd...

  • Give that first man a gift certificate for his friend,
    and point him to the GH section of a nearby CD store.

    Give that second man a cigar, for the correct answer

  • It all depends on what kind of stuff your friend wants to hear. If he's a balls to the wall rocker then maybe you could whittle it down to 18 or so of Glenn's most rocking songs as a taster, but if he's into the funk, and the soul, etc etc then you have no chance at all!

    Perhaps aim for 3 HTP tracks, 3 solo rockers, 3 covers, 3 ballads, 3 funky ones. It doesn't really matter what you pick to fill those catagories, as they are nearly all winners. And you still should have room to throw in a couple of your own personal favourites!

    Best of luck with that one!

    "How can you lose, when you're destined to be a winner?"

  • Well, I sure know there's no way to do it and that's the problem, I have to do it...James'answer it's pretty good though. And as you say he's more in to the hard stuff so maybe that makes it a little easier. Anyway I won't be able to do it succesfully. And it all started because I force my friend to join me at Glenn's guest appearance with Rata Blanca here in Buenos Rata's singer says after the show "how can I pick the mic now?"

  • Hi all
    Start a track list then and object/add as appropriate:
    Coast to Coast (Predictable-might be good to start/end depending on version)
    Lets Talk About It Later
    Beyond The Numb
    Still In Love With You
    Getting Tighter
    Written All Over Your Face (Just for JJ's guitar solo!)
    Its About Time
    Speak Your Mind
    This Life
    You Told Me That You Loved Me - (Sorry, TB bettered!)

  • It really can't be done, but since the idea is to promote Glenn, I'd stick to the solo material myself. Figuring 18 - 19 tracks on an 80 minute disc, and since your friend likes the "rockier" stuff, I'd select the following:

    The Boy Can Sing The Blues
    Pickin' Up The Pieces
    The Liar
    Big Time
    Livin'For The Minute
    Talkin' To Messiah
    I'm Not Your slave
    Cover Me
    The Way It Is
    Second Son
    Midnight Meditated
    Can't Stop The Flood
    In My Blood
    Lost In The Zone
    Wherever You Go

    Good Luck!


  • I really liked Marc's answer and it's pretty close to what I have on my mind, maybe I'll put You kill me instead of Talkin'to messiah, but thanks a lot. Ben's list it's somehow a little odd, great songs of course.
    And Bill, you're right, but my cd recorder it's in its finall steps, and that one ain't cheap pal(it's not cheap here, in my poor country )

  • Haunted,Distant Voices,Dance With The Devil from Phenom.
    Try & Take My Love & Hold Out Your Life.
    Stormbringer,Holy Man & The Gypsy recuts.
    Angry Heart/In Memory & The Healer,Right To Live & Shake The Ground.
    Picking Up The Pieces & Homeland,The Death Of Me & Blue Jade.
    Against The Grain & Inside & Above.Beyond The Numb

  • The Hughes/Thrall 'Coast To Coast' is my favourite version. for the way Glenn drives his voice on one particular part. Glenn usually sings it in an airy falsetto way on stage and their is nothing wrong with that by the way..but

  • If the licensing issues can be cleared up then 'All Messed Up' from the Gary Moore era and the alternate ,No Stranger To Love,Wasted Again, Inside and Above, & Destiny

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