Trapeze "Live at the Boat Club"

  • Does anybody have this import CD? I'm just curious if anyone knows this show-or the quality. I will likely buy it anyway, unless someone here can tell me to save my money. It's a show from 75', So I'm quite sure Glenn's not on it, but they still did some quality stuff with out him, although I am less inclined to buy something live.


  • Mark,

    Funnily enough I got this at the weekend and was going to put a review on here this week.

    I have to say i am disappointed with it, but not because Glenn isnt on it.

    The recording quality is ok but the performance isnt in my opinion. Mel's vocals are poor for him and he's not always at the mic at the right time. The show sounds a bit ragged at times and is nowhere near as slick as other live stuff you can get. Dave Holland doesnt sound as tho he's giving it his all either, although a better mix could have helped. You wouldnt know their were two guitarists as Mel drowns out the other guy (apologies ive forgotten his name while writing this). The production difference to the Borderline show is massive and i would only recommend this to Trapeze completists.

    sorry to disappoint you.

    "It's in my blood"

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • I agree with wolfysmith. Have only played this once - trying to juggle this, HTP, then newe mothers Finest, plus a couple of bootlegs too !!

    It is a soundesk recording and very tinny. Crowd is not that loud either. have heard better from trapeze and yes no glenn on it !!!

  • I like this CD. No Glenn (and Mel Galley's vocals are not very strong) but the songs are well-played with lots of Galley on guitar. The recording is a little harsh but its still much better than most bootlegs. I think its excellent insight into this era of Trapeze (the most under-appreciated band of the 70's bar none!). Its not as good as the Dallas 72 show but more entertainign than that Dead Armadillos set! All-in-all, a 7.5 out of 10. I hope Galley has more of these "from the vaults" releases forthcoming.

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