Looking for Pat Thrall freaks!..

  • Hi friends,
    I have to say that my favourite guitar player / producer / engineer / etc of all time is Pat Thrall. Few people I know have even the vaguest idea of who he is, so finally it occured to me that as I am now a member of GHPG forums, they might be the best place to look for likeminded people! So why don't we share what we think about Pat's latest productions here?

  • Hey Funky Duece-
    I am a fan of Pat's but mostly the work he did with the Pat Travers band and Hughes Thrall (not a freak). I have heard his work with Meatloaf and Asia, and been to his site a couple times in the past. Why don't you update us with what he's been doing these days(besides not working on Hughes Thrall II)?


  • Hmm, I do check his site quite often! These days Pat is a major engineer/producer, name an artist that is currently popular, and chances are Pat has been behind the mixing console at a session.
    Take one of the latest hits, Beyonce feat some JayZ, 'Crazy In Love'. Pat was the one who recorded the vocals for Beyonce.
    Oh, bad guy Pat, he made me listen to that! Hadn't it been for him, I won't be touching that kind of music with a sixfoot battle lance, as Harward Lampoon used to have it, but I digress.
    As for more interesting outfits Pat produced, there are a great band called CBR, whose song 'Medicated Love' (available for download at http://www.studiopt.com) is one of the best 'rock' songs by a contemporary artist I have heard in years.
    There's also a female singer Renee Cologne, who performs 'alternative pop music' (I am not a genre expert, I do trust Pat's definitions - after all, he has a right to define music, not me). Her music is midly dissonant, atonal and overall quite unusual - just my cup of tea besides other cups I drink as well. If you want recommendations, then download 'Sciatica' - it is a masterpiece as well. But if you feel suspicious about my description of Renee's music, then stay away, 'cause it is truly alternative, not easy to listen to and for a selected crazee few.
    As for other stuff Pat's done, he's also edited Black Crowes live with Jimmy Page album - a fact that rarely anyone mentions, simply because many who listen to BC don't have a clue as to who Pat Thrall is. While Pat Thrall simply is one of those who ensure rock'n'roll is still alive, and great sound, despite the genre, won't die away.
    Yes, me a Pat Thrall freak. What a strange sensation!

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