UK'ers - Your Tour Mission....

  • Ok...all you guys and gals in the UK...please help spread the word on the upcoming

    You see the poster below....well there is also an attachment with this message containing a full-size copy of the same thing in a couple of different formats - JPG, DOC and PDF...pick your preference and then print it out as many times as you can...colour or black & white...and take it out on the street...leave some copies down your local, train, bus, record shop, stick 'em where it matters (!) - going to another gig soon...take some with you and hand 'em out.

    Let's get the word out, 'cuz we know no one else will.

    You're safe - the ad will not self destruct in 30 seconds - so get printing

  • Most definitely will be spreading the word with this David. Both daughters are coming to Rios and JBs with me, as they have been slowly converted.

    Ain't life wonderful all of a sudden??

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • Why the odd tour name?
    Shouldn't it be the SIKTOR tour?
    Or has anyone else got a better phrase to use?

    see you at JB's Shirl.

    It's in my blood

  • Glenn obviously has a few tricks up his sleeve as to the setlist we're gonna get! (please Glenn). I for one wouldn't want a SITKOR set as that album just doesn't utilise our man's voice the way it should (my opinion I know), and the only track I really love is 'Courageous' - 'Gasolene' makes me cringe; no velvet voice there.

    Lots of rock, lots of funk and a few surprises need to be the order of the day. I won't be disappointed whatever he does - just love him!

    Look forward to meeting up with you, wolfysmith. Keep wanting to use the 'bouncer' icon as it's exactly how I feel about the tour - James will be hiding in the corner when he sees me, it seems!

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • Shirl,

    What a great year it's gonna be.
    Seen DP, Whitesnake, soon Glenn (JB's and Cambridge), and just bought my tickets for Ritchie Blackmore at Birmingham - had to settle for row B though.

    I know what you mean about utilising his voice but Glenn has been saying a lot about getting back to ROCKING and laying off the soul/funk stuff. the bass line in Courageous is great tho isnt it.

    I am sure James or another regular will soon be giving us his wishlist for a setlist. I just want him to open with It's in my Blood and not do too much DP stuff. This is a GH solo tour after all.

    It's in my blood

  • Well James - do you want to give us your wish list, and anyone else of course?

    Thanks, wolfy.

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • For me I think 50% from the 70s and 50% from the rest would be a good compromise. Not all peeps will be familiar with the newer stuff so they'd want to hear the Purple classics. I must confess I still get goosebummps watching Glenn perform Mistreated/Stormbringer/ Getting Tighter/ Burn/Gypsy 30 years on so that can't be bad for the soul!

    By the way David...mission accepted

  • What an absolutely great idea!!!!!

    And the poster is perfect, too. And nowhere does the ad say "formerly of......."

    Just the basic facts: Glenn Hughes "The Voice of Rock".

    After practically no publicity, SOMEBODY is finally getting it right!!!!!

    (Oops, they better get up and running soon....)

  • My wish list? Hmmmm, I'll refrain from naming songs I've got Bob Hope of getting, so I'd like to hear:

    In My Blood (great opener)
    Gasoline (a: I love it and b: to spite Shirl)
    Courageous (but I can't see it so "Written All Over your Face will do)
    Gettin Tighter (good chance)
    You Kill Me (good chance)
    Burn (a cert I think)
    You Are The Music (very good chance)
    I Got Your Number (rank outsider)
    Redline (highly unlikely but I'd love it!)

    I don't know really. It all depends on whether Glenn has a full blown band or he's down to a trio again - who knows? I'd like plenty of solo stuff. I'm not to fussed about Mistreated, Coast To Coast (sorry guys), Your Love Is Alright etc. I like them all but if he's in a trio I'd rather pull some rare Trapeze ones out the hat.

    We shall see at the shows. I don't care to much - just being there'll do. As long as there's no yodeling eh Grace?


    "How can you lose, when you're destined to be a winner?"

  • Well heres my rough wish list.....

    A Purple song to start (not fussed but mebbes a surprise)
    Into a mix of solo stuff from Feel, SITKOR, etc
    Throw in a couple of Trapeze numbers, even something rare like from All Messed Up,
    End with a Purple number

    Encores of Hughes Thrall plus a couple of Purple numbers.

    That should do it n keep all n sundry happy.

    See you all there.

  • From a selfish point of view I just want to hear plenty of solo stuff, esp from 'Feel', 'TWII', 'ROCK', 'BTM' and 'SITKOR'.

    Personally, much as I love it, I've heard the Purple & Trapeze stuff enough for a little while yet and want Glenn to do his own stuff justice.

    In the real(ish) world I could (and will have to) live with a few Purps numbers (inc Burn) and maybe a Trapeze or 2.

    Just looking forward to it!!!!!



  • Progress report: David my liege! I have so far recuited my friend John who is a Mark Two Purple diehard to Bradford and possibly to the site when he can draw himself away from mathematical modelling for his doctorate. He is knocked out by Addiction and Feel. My two sons Ritchie (no relation we don't think) and Laurence are now converted to our cause and regularly ask their poor father many questions like "Hey dad is Glenn Hughes better than Robert Plant?" Ritchie now puts Wolves as his second premiership footie team behind Everton. They too will be on Robinsons orange and lemonade in honour of the great man. They have printed 30 posters out. Good to see we have a couple of Fireworks journos in tow and I am going to see if I can get some preview features or reviews in another meaningful tome.

    May I suggest those of you who are regulars on other site forums eg DC, Lizzy, Purps do an "off topic" announcement. e-pr is a great way of spreading the word. Forgive me if I'm stating the obvious. More later sirrah!

  • The poster is a brill idea i have sent it to a number of mates across the country and put on acouple of web sites as well.

    Keep up the good work promoting the word, me i will be going to either the Mean fiddler or Cambridge and hoping for more solo stuff than the Purple/Trapeze standards.

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