Glenn's vocal gift

  • Hi everyone, my doubt is if glenn had ever took any vocal and bass lessons from any teacher during his early years as a musician. Well. I'm asking this because there's any kind of that information in none of the bios I've been reading. Thanks and stay funky!!!

    Nick Lo Gioco

  • Hi Nick,
    I asked this from Glenn 2001 while he was in Helsinki and the answer was:"No, I did not take any lessons". So he is natural talent.


  • Thanks Tero! Yet, I'm wondering if Glenn had ever took at least one lesson or clinic because he uses some techniques that only with certain practices you can obtain. I can say this because I'm studying the art of singing and specifically these techniques. Though, I'm open minded, I can say also that the natural gift has been working there, as for example in the great Prince... See you soon!

    Nick Lo Gioco

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