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  • Hello everyone!

    We thought you would want to hear about a new web site dedicated to the music of


    We've been working on it over the past couple of months and it's finally ready for it's debut!

    We've based the site around you the fans and more importantly, potential new fans...and those who may not have heard of GLENN and JOE, but who have just recently discovered HTP. So it's a central location where you can find out all about HTP...a lot of the information is currently available at various sites including our own here at it will now be in one central spot and hopefully it'll be perfect for a "newbie" - where they can discover everything and then move on to either one of the official GH/JLT and/or other fan sites.

    We made a conscious decision to make it a very multimedia based site...with lots of audio and visual effects. The downside to this of course, is that you ideally need a DSL or higher Broadband connection...we figured this would be worth it overall and wanted to make it a fun and exciting place to visit. Of course, it also works over dial-up modem, but the first time you will take a couple of minutes to load up...each visit after that, however, will be quicker!

    Make sure you have your audio and speakers turned up a little!! You can turn off the sound by clicking on and off the coloured animated LED meter, once it get's boring for you ;) You'll also want to do that, should you listen to any of the available audio and video.

    If you'd like to join in and help out from time to time, we're more than happy for you to participate - so if you're interested, simply email us at:

    and we'll take it from there!

    So enjoy the ride and if you have the time now, please pay us a visit and Sign the Guestbook and we also encourage you to meet other HTP SUPPORTERS by registering and posting to the Message Board.

    Be sure and Tell-A-Friend and share the HTP buzz!!


    David & Shirean

  • WOW - thanks for all the kind messages - we're sure happy you all like what you see and hear ;)

    By the way, we had our first Upload! over at the new site this morning - thanks to Tony Takano. You'll find it in the Recent Photos section (on top) of the Photos page - a live shot from the HTP show in Dudley, England last year.

    Keep 'em coming!! Thanks again everyone.

  • Fantastic site, wish I'd gone there earlier, right on D and S!

    Now I'm going to be up all night reading and listening to everything :D :thumbup:

  • HTP 2 - it's out now!

    If you're anxiously awaiting your copy in the mail or have yet to get to the store to pick up a copy - be sure and head on over to the HTP Supporters Club for a first look at the incredible follow up from Hughes Turner Project.

    There you'll find all the latest pix and even 60 second audio clips! Plus you'll find the first reviews of the new album.

    So don't waste any time, head over there now!


  • Thanks to fellow HTP Supporter and Fan Forum member, James Gaden, we are now able to offer you a selection of HTP computer desktop wallpapers for use on either your Windows or Macintosh machine 8)

    There's also an updated Screen Saver, but for now it's Windows only - sorry Mac fans!

    Plus you'll find a brand new interview we did with Joe Lynn Turner last week, so head on over to the
    HTP Supporters Club now :)

    Desktop Wallpapers by James Gaden
    Photography by John Harrell - Art & Design by Darwin Foye
  • Great job,'re not just musically gifted, but graphically artistic, too!!!
    I especially like the way that you were able to finagle things around, for each screensaver's design.

    Too bad though, that "The Brothers Grimm" aren't smiling (at least a little) in any of the pictures.

  • I think I'd have a cheesy grin too James, if I could develop the stuff you do!


    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • Wolfy,

    Thanks.....the PC screensaver was put together by David and Shirean from my artwork, so if they're happy to make another one, I'm happy to create some Glenn wallpapers, starting with SITKOR. Any other requests?


    "How can you lose, when you're destined to be a winner?"

  • Any other requests you say, James??????

    How about the front cover, and the back cover (complete with the list of song tracks)
    from my "favourite" birthday present?

  • my only request would be what i have been saying for ages. Glenn needs good screensavers, wallpapers and themes available on his actual website for each of his albums. He also needs proper merchandising available from there.
    Otherwise fans like us can only buy and consequently wear t-shirts when he all too rarely tours.

    It's in my blood

  • Okay then - I'll do a SITKOR set of wallpapers, maybe three or four designs, and if they prove popular I'll do a set for each solo album, some generic Glenn ones and throw Hughes/Thrall in as well. Then if people like them they could be made into a Big Daddy screensaver.

    And Grace, if I've still got the artwork backed up, I'll do you yours! ;)


    "How can you lose, when you're destined to be a winner?"

  • The front cover artwork.....
    and the back cover with the song listings......
    and the bar-code and the copywrite warning....
    James, people are going to die laughing.

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