Southamerican Tour?

  • Well, as a new member or the forum I must have to post my first question as follows: There's any foreseen southamerican tour for this year? If there's any, is Buenos Aires going to be one of the upcoming appearances? Thanks you all! See you soon... (sorry about the poor english jeje)

    Nick Lo Gioco

  • Hi Nicolas,
    I don't know how easy it is for you to travel from Argentina to Brazil, but if you're interested, Deep Purple will play there in September:
    South America In September *updated 25.07.03*
    Following hints frpm Ian Gillan on his website, it now appears that Deep Purple (along with Sepultura) are to play four Brazilian dates, between September 18th -21st. "The next round of Kaiser Music, which happens in September and will be dedicated to rock, will feature Deep Purple, Sepultura and The Hellacopters. They will play in Porto Alegre (Se8), Curitiba (Se9), Sao Paulo (Sept 20) and Belo Horizonte (Sept 21)".



  • Thanks Tero, though Brasil's near Argentina I'm quite out of money and without much time, still I appreciate your information about Deep Purple's next concert. Thanks, but I'm specially looking foward for a possible Glenn's new arrival to Argentina. See You!

    Nick Lo Gioco

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