• Wanted ; Support band for up coming def leppard tour in october2003. Would suit rock legend and possible side kick playing to those who appreciate classic rock.

    Apply to Def Leppard management !!!!!

    THE perfect vehicle for HTP or solo G......and includes a date in Scotland too !!! Got my tickets in anticipation......and a game of golf too eh G !!!!!!!!

  • Chris,
    I have a feeling that:
    "the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars"......

    Could it be possible, that.....................?


  • I think Glenn would not mind being supprted by Def leppard !!!

    For those who believe, no explanation is necessary.
    For those who do not,
    none will suffice.

  • Not sure about Glenn being classed as a support act. Or have I read it wrong??

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • I think Chris is on about the idea of doing support to get the exposure. I reckon he could do worse than Daft Leotard if that was the tactic he wanted.

    It better not get in the way of a proper tour though, and I wouldn't want to pay over the odds to see Glenn play a support set, esp to a band I'm not keen on!

    I'd probably have to go though....



  • I've seen DL twice and watched them perform live on TV and was'nt impressed with Joe Elliots voice on all of them.He seemed to struggle on the high notes IMO.
    As we all know Glenn does'nt have that problem !
    The only things that bothers me is the sound given to the back-up band..its usually not the best and that would be very frustrating to see GH go through that.


    Pete S.

  • The point I ammtrying to make is that if HTP want exposure to a rock audience they could do no worse than Def Leppard. The evenues they are playing are main theatres which, with the greatest of respect, Glenn solo of HTP aint gonna fill !!!

    I too would lurve a full G solo or HTP tour (ie more than Dudly n London) but as the chances seem pretty slim due to finances then this sort of vehicle would be ideal.

    I agree Joe Elliott doesnt have a voice in the same league as Gl or JLT but live L:eppard are in my opinion a damn fine band and having seen em 6 times since the mid 80's have never been disappointed with a show.

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