British/European/anywhere! SOLO tour

  • Don't know if you've noticed, but I've been relatively quiet (hi James) for the last coupla weeks.

    I'm afraid to make up for it, this turns into a bit of a rant, and I may regret it later, but if Glenn's reading I think he needs to know about our passion - if he doesn't already - I KNOW it's not just me....

    I'm starting to get distinctly 'twitchy' about whether the UK and Europe are gonna see our man this year? (Leaving aside the Italian one-offs.)

    I've mentioned this to Shirl before, but I seem to remember a solo tour was originally going to be April when Glenn was speaking around the time of the 'Legends' tour.

    I know things 'slip' & stuff, so quite a while ago, it was going to be Autumn.

    But unless I misunderstood, Glenn was talking about Wishbox of Voices gigs in 'the Fall' in the interview today (or yesterday).

    OK, Autumn (or Fall) is a period of a few months, but despite the relatively low-keyness of his gigs & tours, Glenn's are usually announced a fair while in advance....

    I think Glenn's talked of HTP tour(s) in the Spring of 2004, which is OK, but not the Glenn solo tour that many (most?) of us have been waiting for since long before BTM!

    I just want a Glenn solo date on my calandar, even if it's next year! Or, even better, a ticket in my hand!

    Even a co-headline or package tour with Pat Travers (for example - not that I'm a PT fan or anything....cough!) or someone, but doing solo stuff.

    I know it's not just the UK and I know it's not just Europe, but (correct me if I'm wrong) the last time Glenn did a solo gig in the UK outside London was 1996. Just in case that's not clear, that's SEVEN years come November!

    I'm very, VERY, VERY sorry if this comes across as too much of a whinge, but when I started writing it was just going to be a quick throwaway.

    It's only as I've thought more about the actual times involved that I've got sadder and sadder about it.

    The ironic thing is that I was lucky enough to see Glenn twice last year in the UK with HTP & 'Legends'. But, superb as both shows were, my favourite music in the world is Glenn's solo stuff!!!

    If I hadn't bothered spending the money, time off work and effort to go the 3-4 hours drive each way to the Astoria in 2000, I wouldn't have seen Glenn sing a single Glenn solo song for 7 YEARS!!!!

    Really, I just wish we could know one way or the other. By my calculations in November it'll be 3 years since any Glenn solo gig in the UK - it's been MUCH too long.

    I love Glenn dearly and all his projects, but I wish he could give us a bit more unadulterated Glenn - especially (I'm biased!) in the UK & Europe.

    I know there are business & practical reasons and "I ain't exactly pointin' this whole thing at Glenn" (one for Travers fans there).

    But I was talking to someone tonight on the phone who I don't know very well and who's not familiar with Glenn, but the enthusiasm in her voice when I was describing Glenn's voice & solo stuff made me start thinking....

    I don't know if it'll make any difference, but if there's anyone anywhere out there who identifies (or disagrees!) with anything I've said, POST A REPLY NOW!!!!!



  • I hear what you're saying TC...but believe me when I say...GLENN wants to do a full solo tour of the UK (and elsewhere) as much as you and all the rest of us want him there.

    It comes down to tour support or lack there of ($$$ and decent venues)...simple as that! Hopefully that situation will change soon...but for now...that's the way it is (so to speak)!

  • Ey up TC!

    Yes, I noticed the board had been blissfully quiet of late ;) I agree with you.....I'd love to see Glenn come over for a solo tour, just as Glenn would like to as David pointed out. But talk about whinge whinge whinge! SOME of us have NEVER seen Glenn in the flesh yet! icon28.gif

    As it stands, I think there's a fair chance of a solo tour, but an excellent chance of an HTP one. I'd take that quite happily. There's always the risk of Glenn having to do a solo tour on a shoestring and you end up getting back to the old "Glenn-plays-as-a-trio-and-does-Trapeze-and-Purple stuff" debate again because of lack of solo material suitable for a trio. The HTP line up would be a full band. Joe could even provide a second guitar if needed and then we should get at least ONE Glenn solo track played live as Glenn wants it to sound, plus all the HTP ones and a couple of Purple tracks too.

    The only way I can see Glenn doing a solo tour of more than a trio is to finance it himself (AGAIN, and he shouldn't have to) or support a bigger band but only play something like 45 minutes. It's shit, but that's the way it is.

    Touring or not touring though, I'm loving being a Glenn fan at the moment. We've just had SITKOR, HTP 2 it on the way, there's a possible Phenomena involvement, we know now there's another Voodoo Hill, it just never stops! So yeah, I'd like to see Glenn do it live, but if not, he's sure keeping me going with his prolific output.

    At least the HTP shows and Legends Of Rock helped remind people who Glenn is and build up a fan base. Perhaps a support slot with someone who doesn't mind being blown off the stage every night wouldn't mind having The Voice open up. If the interest builds, the shows will come. Until then there's always the long awaited DVD lurking in the background....


    "How can you lose, when you're destined to be a winner?"

  • I can't believe it nearly 3 years since the Astoria gig !!!! Time flies eh?
    It does seem to be down to funding the tour i think.
    I agree that although we had Legends and HTP it still isn't a solo tour.
    Hell whats wrong with playing JB's in Dudley for a couple of nights, maybe with a different set list each night??
    I could stay in the haunted Station hotel again !! and maybe see another girl try to walk through glass !!!!!!

    For those who believe, no explanation is necessary.
    For those who do not,
    none will suffice.

  • Hi TC and all

    I agree with you that a G solo tour is essential. Having seen him on LOR he was the star of the show and should have capitalised on that fact with a a tour earlier this year. But I suppose things happen to prevent it happening.
    A joint tour with Travers (funky T not bluesy T)would be good or a co headlining with another classic act.

    Cant believe its 7 years since last solo tour.

    Fingers crosswed it happens this year and he visitis outside of London n Dudley. Judging by the response he got in Edinburgh on LOR he would have agood audience. Well me n Artemis99 will be there (hi John!!).

    End of back up sermon.....let us pray....

    Dear G,
    who art my hero,
    hallowed be thy name,
    thy kingdom doth rock,
    thine also doth funk,
    in the UK and the rest of the world,
    give us this year a solo tour and forgive us our rants,
    as we forgive the press who dont recognise you,
    for thine is the rock dom
    the funk n the glory
    forever n ever


    Now lets sing the well know hymn 'Coast to Coast... :)

  • Can I step into this please??? A few days after seeing Blackmore, and I am still too tired to get the report together, and I promise I will with some pics too.....A thought has come to mind today. Ritchie seems to be the only DP member releasing albums and then doing the damn songs off of them. Saturday when I got to Germany I went and got Ghost of A Rose, and the next night I was treated to several tunes off the album and also of course lots of favorite BN tunes, and a couple of Rainbow songs and of course Difficult to Cure, (part of it) the riff/intro to Burn, etc... But the thing that made the show was that Blackmore wasn't trotting out endlessly rehashed oldies. It was a vibrant, living band, playing it's new and recent material. I just find myself really frustrated seeing recent GH and DP sets consisting of so much MK3 and MK2 material, when on a daily basis I am so entertained and enjoy GH's and DP's recent stuff. So please Glenn, let's hear more solo album tunes....surely people know them....They are a daily inspiring part of my life. Even Dio plays his new stuff....and it's crap!!!!!!!


  • I was with 4 other guys at the Legends of Rock tour in Edinburgh. None of them were fans of Glenn, mostly just knew him from Purple. All were knocked out - one commented that he's a better singer than Coverdale (can't really argue with that on Glenn's form of late!)
    Any other attendees at the gig can't have failed to be impressed by Glenn's performance.

    A solo tour to capitalise on this seemed essential to me at the time.


  • Phew, TC you certainly didn't leave much out! I agree with you wholeheartedly, but as David says it's lack of tour support and $$$£.

    Steve, I would be more than happy to watch him at JBs for a few nights in a row - the venue's great and the entertainment at the Station Hotel is priceless!

    James, I NEVER realised you'd never met our man! Your rants will be a lot longer than TC's once you have...

    Chris - your prayer is so good I've copied it and printed it off. It's now pride of place in my office. Classic, an absolute classic!

    Glenn - you're on a roll this year and no-one is happier than your British friends. I'm not sure how I'll react (like this maybe? ) when we do get you back over here, under whichever guise you feel is the most appropriate, but make it before Christmas if you can brother. We support you all the way, you know that.

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • Hi guys

    Yeah, I'm aware of the £$£$£$£ thing. But one of the things that makes it more frustrating is when we hear 'April' or 'Autumn' and then they don't happen.

    I know Glenn tells us these things to try to keep us happy & give us encouragement because he's a nice guy etc but, ultimately it doesn't help!!!!

    Chris - great prayer/pome (sic). I know what you mean about PT. Funnily enough, he doesn't play much blues stuff live anyway & from what I've heard, the few new 'original' tracks he's aired live from time-to-time aren't blues either. He's supposed to be touring in Sept BTW - Renfrew Ferry I believe...



  • David ,
    I whilst agree with your comments on the $$$$ re touring, I cant believe for one minute there arent enough 1000 seat venues around Europe to support a hughes tour!? I live in Australia and our local music scene is dead , but I can name at least 6 good venues in my city( Brisbane)alone!
    Any way it does come down to $$ but more-so GH clue-less record company and management to get off their collective asses and do something with this guy. As I stated here a couple of weeks ago, SITKOR is bound to become another GH classic lost due to the ineffectiveness of Glenns "people". What needs to be done as I have said before is a 40 day, 25 gig blitz of the East/West coast, with 10 gigs in Uk/Europe to promote SITKOR. But GH Record company-management are too gutless to take the financial risk, and are more happier to have Glenn on their roster, giving them credo and do nothing with him! They are what I call "Mcdonalds Management". That is , happy to have the product, happy to reap the profits of that product, but promote it....nah too hard....lets just live off the name.
    Glad I got that off my chest...

  • Cheers Pete

    I think that's the 'piece' my jigsaw of waffling was missing!

    The only 'caviat' I'd put on it is that I don't know if Glenn actually pays for management of these kinds of issues at the moment. If he does, I hope HE thinks the people he pays earn their money.

    As far as record companies are concerned, I'd maybe be a bit more phlegmatic myself - at least they put his CDs out!

    I'm not sure how closely linked CD releases and tours necessarily are nowadays in a promotional sense, especially for relatively 'low-key' artistes like Glenn. Of course they SHOULD be inseparable for effective & cohesive marketing!!!

    But in the real world, for record companies, Glenn is not an easy & quick return marketing-wise as far as financing a tour is concerned. (See my previous rant on message board under the 'sales figures' thread.)



  • Folks, for those of you who don't regularly check into, I found this piece in today's news and thought I'd share it with you. It may shed some light on how little financial support most independent labels may be capable of, especially when you consider that a number of artists on their rosters may be seeking some kind of tour support. Touring ain't cheap, and without sales of product to offset expenses, it just isn't really feasible. Read on...and after you read the figures for the more popular bands, pay particular attention to the very last paragraph!

    One of the most popular questions that are asked of me is how many units did a particular artist or album sell? Sales figure information for albums is not easy to access - anywhere! In the US, all official sales figures are tallied by a company called Nielsen Soundscan.
    The figures gathered by Sounscan come from reporting stores across the USA and are deemed reliable enough for Billboard to use as their official supplier for data for their charts, including the USA Top 200 Albums.
    Access to Soundscan's data can only be afforded by companies within the industry. A limited access pass costs in the upper 4 figure ballpark!
    But thankfully I have some good contacts, one of which was kind enough to look up some titles for me via their access, so I would be able to report back these to you!
    While I could have sent a list of hundreds of titles, I selected a few classics and a few recent and relevant titles to report on.
    Before you read the figures - a few words of explanation. These figures are USA only. Not worldwide numbers and for the titles also available via different labels in Europe, the figures must be understood to be USA domestic sales only.
    Additionally, the figures don't include most mail order sales, and also most gig sales - where a number of titles would have sold well. Soundscan was only introduced in 1991, so the few classic albums listed have only sales data gathered since 1991. The figures below are up to date as of last week!
    A few side notes are placed next to some of the titles - please also take those notes into consideration.
    Artist / Title / US Sales To Date
    Journey - Trial By Fire - 1,195,095
    Journey - Arrival - 177,350
    Journey - Essential Journey (2CD Set) - 250,515
    Journey - Greatest Hits Live - 534,405
    Journey - Red 13 - 14,916 (Does not include website, gig or European sales)
    Rick Springfield - The Greatest Hits...Alive - 23,175 (Does not include limited website edition of 5,500 units)
    Rick Springfield - Karma - 46,769
    John Waite - Temple Bar - 19,222 (Label went bankrupt during album's initial release period)
    John Waite - When You Were Mine - 5,833
    John Waite - Figure In A Landscape - 8,465
    John Waite - Live And Rare Tracks - 1,735
    Styx - Brave New World - 72,779
    Styx - Styxworld - 22,400
    Styx - Cyclorama - 39,657 (Sales still going strong)
    Def Leppard - X - 231,195
    Def Leppard - Hysteria - 2,167,680 (Only since 1991, add +/- 13 million prior to that date)
    Bon Jovi - Crush - 1,944,337
    Bon Jovi - Bounce - 674,525
    Van Halen - 3 - 512,390
    Van Halen - 5150 - 1,082,469 (Sales since 1991, +/- 7 million is the official total figure)
    Van Halen - Van Halen - 1,669,687 (Sales since 1991, +/- 10-11 million is the official total figure)
    Van Halen - Best Of Vol. 1 - 2,783,035
    Sammy Hagar - Marching To Mars - 356,234
    Sammy Hagar - Red Voodoo - 364,549
    Sammy Hagar - Ten 13 - 128,686
    Sammy Hagar - Not For Sale - 47,572 (Moved to a minor label)
    Sammy Hagar - Hallelujah (Live) - 19,557 (Only just released - sales to date)
    Dokken - Long Way Home - 19,447
    Lynch/Pilson - Wicked Underground - 8,350 (Only just released - sales to date)
    Poison - Hollyweird - 50,190
    Poison - Power To The People - 75,350
    SR-71 - Now You See Inside - 370,824
    SR-71 - Tomorrow - 66,283
    Butch Walker - Left Of Self Centered - 16,276
    Streets - 1st - 852 (2003 re-issue, not including mail order store sales, where titles would have been popular)
    Streets - Crimes In Mind - 787 (2003 re-issue)
    Matchbox Twenty - More Than You Think You Are - 1,283,694 (still going strong)
    Whitesnake - 1987 - 679,229 (Only since 1991, add +/- 10 million prior to that date)
    Hall & Oates - Do It For Love - 111,671 (Still going strong)
    UFO - Sharks - 12,042
    MSG - Arachnophobiac - 1,093 (Only just released - sales to date)
    Toto - Through The Looking Glass - 6,100
    Toto - IV - 288,653 on Columbia, 1449 of the Gold Disc, plus 5,564 of a 3 album box that include IV (Sales only since 1991)

    Some interesting figures! What is doesn't answer is the amount the European labels are selling of the popular AOR and indie melodic releases that are featured here so often. I know a number of you are also interested in these numbers, but the fact is that they will never be disclosed. A number of labels were asked if they would like to participate in this news item, but all declined. I respect their decisions. What I can tell you is that from personal knowledge, the odd title can be as low as 500 units, while others can sell anywhere between 2,000 and 5,000 units, with a few reaching up to 10,000 and just a few making it as high as 15,000 and 20,000 units. Not many pass that mark." by Andrew McNeice @



  • Hi TC and Todd,
    I do agree with all U2 have said, and I do know the hardships that indie labels are up against, in these ever changing times in the music industry, but these guys have Glenn Hughes,not totally unmarketable. Tell me these songs arent amongst the most FM friendly songs you've heard for a while,
    1.Its all Right
    2.Talk about it
    3.Blue Jade
    4.The way it is
    5.Feels Like Home
    6.Out on Me
    8.Written all over your face
    9.Higher Places
    The list goes on, and thats without re-issueing CTC.
    My point is they(record company)have missed the boat, or will if they arent quick. Its frustrating for us the fans,just imagine how GH feels. You can tell if you read some of the more recent interviews.
    The reasoning behind why GH cant get a major label deal to get the ball rolling is bewildering. I mean we know some of it, but we dont know all of it.
    It will make a great read one day....
    yours frustratingly,

  • This article over at seems relevant to what we're talking about here....thought it might be of interest.

    The day will come my friends...when this "industry" gets it's just a matter of time

  • I will feel it a real crime if Glenn cannot tour with his solo stuff and what makes it worse is it ain't his decision.
    What with HTP,LOR,SITKOR and HTP2 on the way,
    the guy is on a roll....
    I've often thought about Queen,Alice Cooper,Pink Floyd, who've bought their tribute albums ( on Glenns performance in each of those )if they saw a GH tour list in their daily rag/mag...would they attend? I think a lot would..
    Anyway lets hope.


    Pete S.

  • I think your right there Pete,even if it is for thr "novelty" valueof lets go see if he sings that tribute song.
    Hell even got my mother liking his singing when i played her, her favourite ever song.......Ave Maria !!!!!
    Can't get her to listen to SITKOR yet lol

    For those who believe, no explanation is necessary.
    For those who do not,
    none will suffice.

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