• Pony Canyon International in Japan have officially announced the songs to be included on HTP II the up coming second studio album from Hughes Turner Project.

    The final order of the songs listed has yet to be confirmed:

    Alone I Breathe / Burning The Sky / Goin' My Way / Goodbye Friday / Hold On / Keep On Shinin' / Losin' My Head / Lost Dreams / Revelation / Sophia / Talk About It Later / Time And Time Again

    It's due for release in Japan on Wednesday, September 3rd and in Europe on Monday, September 29th (via MTM).

  • Is "Hold On" an original or is it a cover from the Stormbringer album? Either way, you can't go wrong.....I like Glenn and Joe doing Mark three stuff more than I do Coverdale/Hughes!


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  • Shirean,

    Piggybacking on Tero's message, is there going to be one less track on the European version or are they the same?


  • Morjens,
    if "Hold On" is from Stormbringer...then I'm waiting for HTP EP or Single with "You Can't Do It Right" and "Love Don't Mean A Thing"....
    well Deep Purple have been playing "The Haunted" and "I Got Your Number"...so perhaps world is running out of song names....



  • Ok...here's the final running order for the Japan release. The Euro release doesn't get Keep On Shining (the Bonus Track for Japan).

    1. Revelation
    2. Alone I Breathe
    3. Losing My Head
    4. Going My Way
    5. Hold On
    6. Lost Dreams
    7. Time And Time Again
    8. Goodbye Friday
    9. Burning The Sky
    10. Keep On Shining (Japan Bonus Track)
    11. Sofia
    12. Let's Talk About It

  • I've always wondered why they keep puttin' bonus tracks for japanese releases. What is the point?

  • The theory is that since the price of CD's are nearly twice the price over there (if not more), in mose cases, they get additional material such as bonus tracks to make up for it. Sometimes even an extra CD with video footage or other promotional material added in.

  • I remember reading about it once. The article said the Jap music industry was a mess because the US/Euro version would be purchased and pirate copies burned, or the album would be dowloaded from the net and then burned. The attempt to remedy it was to release the Jap version first with a bonus in an attempt to make the Japanese market buy the proper CD's.

    I don't know how true that is, I've never been to Japan to see for myself. Maybe Tony or another fellow board member can confirm or debunk the suggestion?


    "How can you lose, when you're destined to be a winner?"

  • I got my promo copy of HTP 11 a couple of weeks ago and although I only got a few listens to it before I had to pack it away in a box, I have to say it rocks! I wouldn't go as far as to say it's as good as the first album, but it's definitely a grower. The JLT solo track sounds very similar to the one he sang solo on the first album (see, my brain is so addled at the moment, I can't even remember the name-Winds of Change was it?) but I'm not such a fan of his solo material anyway (find it rather bland to be honest), but Glenn is, as always fantastic. I actually like a lot of the tracks better than SITKOR. I've had problems with that since I got it, as I think there was a production fault on the copy Frontiers sent me. Anyway, sorry I can't post any more details yet- as I haven't a clue where I've put anything!

  • Mystery of the Heart! DOH! (Hate ballads-had to sing it in my head to try and remember the title!)

  • wAAAAAA No Vince Di Cola!!!!!!!!!!!! . That guy simply sizzled on HTP. What a bummer!!!!!!!!! His solos had balls, as did his Hammond sound, and he cowrote On the Ledge, which had that killer intro, Too bad he's gone.


  • You can now hear some longer snippets from HTP 2 over at melodicrock.com

    Also, be sure and make a regular visit to the HTP Supporters Club especially in the next week or so, where they'll be clips featuring different variations of the same songs, plus all the latest pix and other goodies

  • Sorry about my no reply James, as I did not read your message wishing me or somebody to answer about the secret of bonus tracks in Japan.

    What you said is correct, I think.

    A brand new CD may cost USD 10 while the same one in Japan may cost double. Japanese market had been a very good one for the industry due to the domesticness of the people who either could not catch/understand the words without special word-sheets of the songs which were made only for the market by Japanese record companies as an aid to enjoy the imported music.

    Imported CDs did not have such and it protected domestic CDs be preferred.

    However, younger generation has less problem in catching English words lately and the recent recession & tendancy of cost consciousness made people choose cheaper imported CDs even without the word-sheets at last.

    When the market was being opened, the industry did have no choice rather to give something special to the domestic CDs like bonus tracks in order to keep the customers buying domestic CDs.

    More the market is opened, the indusry will not be able to afford bonus tracks fighting against cheap imported CDs and then, the market will be fully opened to imported CDs.

    The unfotunate thing for us is bonus tracks will also die on the same day.

  • Thanks Tony. I'm really glad I hung on to all the Japanese lyric sheets that came with my Jap imports now. I've got a drawer full of them! I always get my stuff by Paul Gilbert, JLT, invariably Glenn, Mr Big and Eric Martin from Japan because they get it first, there's almost always a bonus track, and you occasionally get some great extras.

    I got Mr Big's Farewell CD which I think is still Japan only, and I've never seen a regular CD with so much stuff. There was a sew on patch, a mini poster booklet, a full fold out inner, a little tag thingy and even a copy of a photo of the band, all in a cardboard box with the lyrics in English and Japanese with it. I'd hate to see things like that go!


    "How can you lose, when you're destined to be a winner?"

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