Touring SITKOR

  • I guess I know the answer to this ,but I was wondering what others thought?
    Will Glenn and Band get to tour with SITKOR or will SITKOR become another great Hughes lp that will fade away in a few months like the others?
    I know he's doing bits in June/July, but nothing apart from an unplugged show some where in Muldavia! Seriously, I dont get on here much, I visit alot, but only post when I've got something valid to say and I havnt felt so passionatly about a new GH cd since Addiction.
    If Glenns current record company(s) hasnt got the balls to take a punt and send Glenn and Band out on a small 30 day, 20 gig blitz of the major east and west coast clubs,inc. London, Berlin and Paris then they are not doing their job and should stop calling themselves a record company and start using the term "distribution center" Phew, glad I got that off my chest.
    Over to you.

  • I don't think that you will find ANYBODY here, who will disagree with your opinion, concerning the lack of publicity for GH, or any of his new albums.

    Except that, when I post my complaints, I usually cite Botswana.

    And don't dignify Glenn's record company with the professional term, "Distribution Center."
    I remember reading here, that Gabi shipped 50 copies of one of Glenn's albums to Buccaneer Records. Mrs. Glenn Hughes is the "Distribution Center".

    It would be funny, if it wasn't so disgusting.

  • I think Glenn would be perfect fit supporting some bigger name, say Maiden. Not only he'd get to tour and promote new album but also his music would be available to new listeners...

  • Hi, Iam new to this forum though have been following GH since DP.I have to say that SITKOR is the best album for a very long time. With regards to touring its is only worthwhile with good pre tour publicity usully in line with a new release. I think from that piont of veiw the opportunity has been blown as there has been a genuine increase in GH interset particuarly after the Legends tour but still not a co ordinated marketing plan. Nothing seems to hang together from a PR perspective. I ask what is the manager doing to earn his bread man!

  • Good question, maybe he is doing nothing .

    OK, GH do play live, but mostly he is playing songs like Stormbringer...Gasoline would kick ass live!

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