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  • While in Orlando, Jeff Kollman mentioned he'll be starting work shortly on the next HTP record....Jeff with his partner, Mark Renk aka Crumb Bros. - will be the HTP production team.

    This is in addition to his recently completed guitar (shared with JJ Marsh) and production duties on the new Glenn record, Songs In The Key Rock.

    April is the month that the recording process begins for the second HTP album from Glenn and Joe Lynn Turner. In Glenn's recent message on the official site, he tell us that JJ and JLT will be coming into town shortly to begin work.

    Said it's going to be another great year for Glenn Hughes fans

  • [B]Hi David, first time user here, hope I am doing this right. Just got back to Rochester,N.Y. from Orlando. First time to see
    THE VOICE! What can I say, I wish I could take
    that moment in time and put it in a bottle so I could take a hit from it now and then. Cuz Lord
    knows if something close to that will happen again. My better half and I spent 2 nights at the ROCK. What a crew. Now in hindsight, I am sorry I did not introduce myself to more people
    at the meet and greet, or at the great soundcheck. Kind of shy I guess, or maybe trying to contain myself! Everyone was so nice.
    I was right up front and got a guitar pic. My first one ever. How appropriate! Got two photos
    with the man. Wish that night could have lasted
    forever! Hope to see everyone again, and next time I will be more forward to speak with wonderful fellow fans of the GREATEST!
    Thanks, Mark

  • Welcome aboard, Mark.

    Make sure you put those pics on here, eh? You lucky so-and-so!

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • More from MTM Music...

    ..."as previously announced here is the European release tracklist:

    Revelation, Alone I Breathe, Losing My Head, Going My Way, Hold On, Lost Dreams, Time And Time Again, Goodbye Friday, Burning The Sky, Sofia, Let’s Talk About It

    In comparison to the debut album, the line-up changed a bit.....Ed Roth is now playing the keyboards and again J. J. Marsh on guitars and Shane Gaalaas on drums.

    STEVE VAI is appearing on Losing My Head with a great guitar solo and JEFF KOLLMAN on Burning The Sky in the outro guitar solo!

    The European release is scheduled for September 29th."

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