• I just wanted to thank retrospectively Karen and Pete Allen who put out The Voice fanzines from '94-'96 in the UK. Karen and Pete kept us informed on Glenn's albums, his tours & reviews. Indeed Glenn wrote a page or two for the magazine in his own handwriting and was in touch with Karen & Pete. This was all pre Computer era for me and the thrill of seeing that A5 envelop on the door mat,remember that feeling folks?
    From time to time I still see photos from the magazine appear on this forum.
    If you are still out their Pete & Karen, a zillion thanks.

  • Glenn mentioned Pete and Karen during the Manchester show. I am sure that they were in the audience.
    I still have all the mags that they sent out too!

  • A great reminder of the journey all of Glenn's fans have made.
    I met Glenn at Mike Lloyd Records in Wolverhampton signing copies of 'Blues' & 'From Now On' in 94.Glenn was playing The Wulfren Hall that night. John Ogden was with Glenn at the signing.
    Thanks to Karen and Pete

  • I forgot to mention when the DPAS had their fan club get together at a University in Sheffield I remember Karen being there and giving away some Glenn autographs.

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