DPAS reports about "Hughes/Thrall II"....

  • This is what the DPAS wrote today.....

    Glenn has mentioned the long awaited Hughes Thrall II project in an interview on the-fuze.com: "I said "I'm getting shit from telling people we're gonna release this, and they keep saying 'You said that last year.'" Pat has not finished it yet. He has not mixed or finished the guitars due to the fact that he's very busy."

    One idea is to initially sell the project on-line, as a five or six track EP. Glenn has since expressed a hope that the project will be ready to release some time this year.

    Now I read that interview some weeks ago, yet there's usually some truth behind it when the DPAS reports it.....

    Makes you wonder, doesn't it? I hope it'll come out this year... together with "Songs In The Key Of Rock" and "HTP2".

  • Hello VoiceofRock,

    Well, actually DPAS writes this news blurb
    after they read Glenn's interview at fuze.com.

    Mind that all Glenn said is that he "hopes" the
    project will be ready this year. Like most
    of us hope that.

    best regards,

    - Fedor

  • Hmmm... was just wondering... since Glenn and Pat recorded some more songs for a second album back in 1984... wouldn't it be great if those were released on a bonus disc with the "new" 2nd Hughes/Thrall album as a special ltd. edition for the fans?

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