Freak Out Tonight!

  • Italian singer Chris Catena will release a rock album in January 2003.

    Glenn has recorded a duet with Chris called Freak Out Tonight. According to Chris, it's "a funky hard rock song totally in the vein of Glenn's music". Other performers on the song are Bruce Kulick - Lead Guitar, Tony Franklin - Bass, Enrico Cosimi - Hammond Organ, Federico Bailo - Rhythm Guitar, Max Spurio - Rhythm Guitar, Stefano Baldasseroni - Drums, David Spurio - Clavinet, Moog.

    Here's Chris with Glenn during the recent HTP visit to Italy

    Also involved are a lot of other well-known artists who made contributions to this album: Tony Franklin, Bruce Kulick, Chuck Wright, Doug Wimbish, Myron Dove, Bernie Marsden, Mickey Moody, Johnny Olhin, Kelly Simonz, Stephen Ferrone, John Taylor, Tommy Aldridge, Eric Singer, Stevie Salas and others.

  • Morjens,
    It seems that I don't have any problems when I go to record store next time...this CD, Spock's Beard guy's album, Jeff Scott Soto's album, Pink Floyd tribute...and GH told that he isn't doing so many sessions anymore...:)

    Is there already enough stuff for Session Man 7 and 8?



  • Just bought the latest 'Fireworks' rock magazine (issue 10)hoping to read the interview with Glenn at Mean Fiddler gig, which I was fortunate enough to be a part of. IT AIN'T THERE! so I will have to wait until the New Year to share that one.
    However, review by Kieran Dargan on JS Soto's album states '...the outrageous swagger of 'Take You Higher,' a huge funk rock opus, boasting a bassline more infectious than the flu and a full brass compliment is phenomenal - grooving, rocking, down and dirty all in one clean sweep. I'm a monkey's uncle if that isn't Glenn Hughes screaming his ass off in the background, nobody could do that except the God of voice ...'

    God of voice - perfectly put! Thanks Kieran.

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • Hey Tero,
    The Session Man 7&8 collection is already done but there is enough material to make Session Man 9 already. The track list for 7&8 is as follows:

    Session Man 7
    1. Tell Me What You Need
    2. Devil In You
    3. I’ll Wait For You
    4. Walk Across The Sun
    5.. In And Out Of Love (Remix)
    6. America the Beautiful
    7. Just Another Monday
    8. The Gypsy
    9. Wild Dogs
    10. Medusa (Live)
    11. Resurrection Shuffle (Live)
    12. Burn (Live)
    13. Blame It On The Sun (Live)
    14. Pieces Of A Dream
    15. Caught Up In Rush

    Session Man 8
    1. I Don’t Believe
    2. Chosen Man
    3. Seafull (Live)
    4. Can You Get It Up
    5. Killer Queen
    6. Piece Of My Heart
    7. Cosmic Spell
    8. Growing Wise
    9. Kings And Queens
    10. Mistreated (Live)
    11. Highway Star (Live)
    12. Heaven’s Missing An Angel
    13. Against The Wall

    I will post the cover artwork in the Unofficial Releases soon.


  • More news about the album from Chris Catena which will be released in January 2003. It will include not only a duet with Glenn but even a cover of Gettin' Tighter, the famous song Glenn wrote and sang in the Deep Purple masterpiece Come Taste The Band.

    The guitar will be played by Stevie Salas - who recorded with Glenn on the album The Way It Is and whose last CD contains even a song sang by Glenn. The Bass is played by Doug Wimbish from Living Colour.

  • Shirian
    Do you really mean Stevie's last album 'Shapeshifter', coz I don't think Glenn's on my copy (but I don't have the booklet).

    If you mean 'I was made to Love Her from '...Electric Pow-wow', that's a fairly old album.

    Both albums are great (esp Shapeshifter).

  • Thanks for the website Roberto - cannot believe what's on there! Will be up until 4am now, keeping up to date with both yours and Shirean and David's site.

    What would we do without you all?


    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • two more guests on the upcoming cd of chris catena.
    max magagni ( twister ) will play guitar.
    and the legendary john lawton will sing in a duet with chris catena.
    can't wait for....


  • This cd is becoming very interesting. Hopefully it will be easy to get a hold of. Max's Twister cd was one of the hardest to track down even with the internet. Any info on how to buy this?


  • hi
    we don't know yet about label because chris is also a producer of music.
    he's working with some label to make a distribution.
    but don't worry for this, because i will get copies directly from chris, to give away.
    so, if someone don't find it you can ask me.
    i did the same with twister cd about max.
    anyway i will inform about label when chris will tell me last news.
    next 10 of january the work will be finished, and just the time to press artwork and at the end of the month the work will be ready to sell in the stores.


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