• GLENN debuts his new pop band on Wednesday, October 16th LIVE in Studio City, California. A special showcase performance will see the introduction of 5 or 6 songs from his sensational new pop band, SHAPE 68.

    Yes, you heard it right, POP, not ROCK!

    Here are the venue and other details:

    Platinum Live

    11345 Ventura Blvd
    Studio City, California

    Doors open at 7:00pm for Dinner/Drinks
    Cover is $10.00[/b]

    GLENN will be joined on stage with fellow band members, Robin DiMaggio on Drums and Jeff Kollman on Guitar. In the past, Robin has had close ties to various members of Toto and also Steve Vai, amongst others. Jeff has worked with UFO members as well as Cosmosquad.

    Two other bands will be performing during the evening. Starting this off will be Circle The Cat - then later the showcase will end with a performance from Ape Quartet .

    In addition, there might be some special Guest Artists!

  • What is Shape 68? I gather it's another avenue for Glenn to pursue, but where did it come from? There is no news of it anywhere as far as I'm aware until I saw it today on the homepage. Nothing on the official site, or am I looking in the wrong place?


  • How long has this been in the works? Is Glenn singing and playing bass? Is there a website with more details? Sounds very cool!! Wish I was on the West coast,sigh!!!


  • Guys,

    You'll see it on the official page shortly I'm sure. It's another creative outlet for Glenn and something he has been wanting to do for quite a while. It had to be kept secret until he had it all ready to present, so it's been in the works for sometime.

    As we mentioned before there will be 5 songs for sure, and maybe one additional, so 6 at most. Remember this is a showcase performance primarily for the benefit of record execs - they would obviously like to get a deal - and which is why it's not going to be an hour long performance. We're just thankful it's open to the public - so if you're in the area, I suggest you look into getting tickets asap!

    In addition to Robin and Jeff, there will be two other musicians on stage with them - a keyboard player as well as an additional guitar player - these are the Special Guest Artists - soon to be announced!

    There might be a Comedian who opens the evening's entertainment, but that is still in the works. Musically, Circle The Cat will start things off at 9:00pm. Shape 68 will be on stage at 10:00pm, followed by Ape Quartet - Glenn will not be performing with Ape!

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