Earthquake in Dudley

  • Of all the places in the world, the UK and the West Midlands specifically got hit by a 4.8 Earthquake this morning

    Hopefully everyone's ok, but talk about bad timing! I just hope JB's survived the tremor!

    If you hear anything that might effect the HTP gig, do let us know


    Earthquake Shakes UK

    Millions of people were shaken from their beds last night as Britain was rocked by the biggest earthquake to hit the country for 10 years. Hundreds of terrified people fled their apartments in Birmingham tower blocks and police received over 5,000 calls within an hour from people reporting shaking walls and windows.

    One elderly woman collapsed in shock and was taken to hospital for treatment after the tremor at 12.54am, which measured 4.8 on the Richter Scale.

    Broken glass

    Just two cases of people suffering minor injuries through broken glass have been reported, but no-one was seriously injured.

    At the epicentre, the West Midland town of Dudley, people ran into the streets still wearing their pyjamas to find out what had happened.

    Hundreds of thousands of people feared for their safety as the noise and the rumbling made them think their home was under threat or a bomb had exploded.

    Ripples were felt across Wales and the West Country and as far south as London and a series of small after shocks were felt through the night.

    Emergency workers

    Emergency services were deluged with a massive 600 calls to 999 and emergency workers spent the night reassuring residents it is safe for them to return home.

    Allison Jones, of Rhuddlan in north Wales, told Sky News: "I ran outside and looked around to see if any other neighbours would have come out of the house, but all you could hear were dogs barking.

    "The walls of the house seemed to shake - I thought a plane had crashed nearby or something horrible was about to happen to the world."

    Stephen Swan, from Wandsworth in south London, said: "We thought it was an explosion at first but then we didn't hear any noise afterwards."


  • It was kinda weird having an earthquake over here, but the national news hasn't made a big deal of it. I don't live anywhere near Dudley, but I'm sure the venue will be okay. We take bigger beatings from gale force winds and floods so us Brits are pretty resiliant!


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