The Alchemist..where is Glenn

  • I got my copy finally!!! I looked all over and Glenn is not mentioned. I wonder if this bothers him? Anyway, the only thing I noticed is on the back cover under each song it says either V-GH or V-CK. This is I assume telling us who did the vocals: either Glenn Hughes or Carl Kennedy AKA the Alchemist. Considering Glenn's fans are putting money in Carl's pockets he could have mentioned Glenn in the thank yous!!


  • ...during GH/JLT interview I showed my copy of The Alchemist CD to Glenn and asked him to say a couple of words about it, like when it was done, how he got involved etc. here's what I gotas an answer:"Oh NO, how that one got out, I'm going to send my lawyers after him, was done in January 1995". That's it - end of discussion.



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