JJ on audience members with "folded arms"

  • From Lennart's JJ interview:

    JM: Not like in Sweden where people stand with their arms crossed checking you out as if they are very unimpressed.

    JJ Marsh Int link

    Oh man.... does this bring back unfond memories... I hate it when people stand there and watch me onstage like that!!!!!! On the cruise ship in our lounge, we used to get a lot of uncommitted lookie loos... I named them the folded arm police. Glad I'm not the only one that this bothers.


  • John that's a funny story...it reminds of the many times I've been at a show in Europe and get looked at by the same type of dudes/dudettes when I'm screaming and shouting all around as the band is rockin' out - but hey, each to their own, as long as they buy tickets, CDs and the rest, it's ok.

    So John, are we going to be the loud obnoxious Yanks in London?!?! Can't tell you how many times David has disowned me

  • You bet....I'm definitely going....The plan is to go to Dudley also.. I have to get there from Toronto (where I get to be a roadie for the Doors) on Sunday. I'm going to be right there in front screaming my brains out right along with Glenn and Joe!!!!!!!!


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