Jon Lord's Dream -

  • Former Deep Purple keyboard master Jon Lord has told TotalRock that he would like to get together every living member of Deep Purple for a one-off event. This would happen in front of an invited audience on a soundstage and would see virtually every incarnation of the band doing a few numbers, which would be filmed. And Lord believes this to be feasible.

    Wanna know more? Tune in to Doom & Co. on Saturday, August 24 for a Deep Purple special

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  • Wow!!!

    Has any other band ever done something like that? That's alot of performers when you stop and look at all of the various incarnations of the band. What other bands have had so many members? Sabbath maybe.....Can't think right now but could be a good topic of conversation........


  • I have often thought about the same thing- how wonderful it would be... They could even make a weekend festival out of it and include the many other musicians that have worked so closely- Whitesnake, Rainbow, Dio, Phenomena, Trapeze, etc.- even Sabbath. But PLEASE! include us fans! A CD would be great, but why not make it a big celebration including us fans as well.


  • I think this would be a great way for Purple to sign off when they decide to call it a day. See how the new album fares (when it eventualy comes out) and if they think enough is enough what better way to end the legacy than this?
    David Coverdale has already stated on his board that if Ritchie is interested, then he will do it. Fingers crossed....


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