Project in the Works

  • Is this project common knowledge?
    I found this while searching out some UFO info- I haven't been on top of my Hughes game so much lately, and couldn't find anything easily on this or Glenn's sight- maybe it's been known a while.

    stuff1st August 2002
    More Jeff Kollman news from Detritus:

    Jeff Kollman is currently busy writing and recording songs with 'The Voice of Rock', former Deep Purple/Black Sabbath/Trapeze vocalist Glenn Hughes, and drummer Robin DiMaggio for a new as-of-yet unnamed project.


  • Hey Mark,

    No, your not behind...this news first appeared here about two weeks ago, hopefully we'll hear more about it soon.

    FYI...and as you mention, Jeff Kollman , has also worked with UFO members, but also Cosmosquad, who include Shane Gaalaas on drums! The other project member, Robin DiMaggio, has close ties to various members of Toto and also Steve Vai, amongst others.

  • Ah... and yes, now I see where it has come up twice before on this very site. One of the very few problems with so many forums. I must just get back in gear, and stay on top of this great site!

    Thanks Shirean!

    I get a real kick out of that message icon!
    (had to use it)

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