• Why do you want to hear a great singer split time with another singer? I want to see Hughes work on another project with me and a drummer! Those other people in your question already have successful careers! (well - pretty much)

  • exposure, exposure...which he (they) don't seem to get as much of when out on their own or with some unknown.

    Doesn't make sense to me, but that's the reality, unfortunately

    Personally, I would prefer to see some non-rock associations...but then again, the chance has probably gone - if he'd had the backing when 'Feel' came out, things could of been a lot different today.

    But don't get me wrong, I luv the stuff he's pumping out....Glenn's so versatile, it's bloody amazing

  • In too would like to see a non rock association......

    How about with Anastacia - what a voice, funky n damn sexy too !!

    Suppose will just have to be patient n wait for Hughes Thrall 2 !!!

  • I can understand wanting Glenn to get some exposure but most of the people on the poll are in the same boat as Glenn: pigeon holed with a set group of loyal listeners. Most us ud who like Glenn like those other vocalists as well so what is the gain other than something as delightful as Hughes Turner? You'll get the Hughes fans and the loyal fans to the other singer but they pretty much know what they're gonna get. Now what you need is a new rising star like a Norah Jones. Record companies and radio stations/TV are all over someone like thant and it's a totally different fan base. That's NEW exposure.

    That being said, can he work with all the vocalists on the poll? That would be alot of great music wouldn't it?


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