• I'm trying to put together a best of cd for the car player. Ever tried to fit the best of Glenn on a 700mb 80min disc!? I say impossible.
    And I have been really tough by leaving out the KLF, live cuts and Purple.
    For what it worth here's my top 12 or so
    1. Stranger to Love
    2. Got your number
    3. Coast to Coast
    4. Still the Night
    5. The boy can sing the Blues
    6. Pickin' up the pieces
    7. Save me Tonight
    8. Cover me
    9. Madelaine
    10.The way it is
    11. The state i'm in
    12. Cant stop the Flood
    13. Missed your name
    Missed the cut:
    14. What time is love
    15. Where did the time go?
    16. Shake the gound
    17. Second Son
    19. Down
    20. Coffe and Vanilla.
    I was trying to avoid a double best of cd set but I have no choice!
    Glenn,"your the man" oh,#@*% make that 21.
    Love one another,

  • I had the same problem. But I solved it by buing a portable mp3 player and now I have a best off Glenn CD with 114 songs Another solution is a portable MD recorder wich in LP mode holds up to 325 minutes of music.


    Live and let live

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